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  • SAP Enable Now

    SAP Enable Now

    Train your employees digitally and prepare them for the challenges of digitalization!

    Is your training still analog?

    In a live demo, we show you how you can create interactive
    user help for digital training courses. Create
    documentation and reports in seconds and integrate intelligent help in your
    system landscape. You can support your users directly with their work.

    Oliver Meyer
    Head of Content HXM

    “We can show you how to deploy the success formula SAP Enable Now with Scheer Best Practices in your company right now!”

    Oliver Meyer

    Discover digital qualification again – with SAP Enable Now!

    We have combined all the key assets in a Business Kit as a bundle for you.

    • Recorded online session
    • Slides from the online session
    • Fact sheet for SAP Enable Now

    The challenge

    It is crucial to provide employees with exactly the information they need to perform their work successfully – independently of form, time, and location. SAP Enable Now enables the easy, efficient creation of diverse application help, training and learning materials for individual support. Productivity, user acceptance, and user-friendliness are improved, knowledge gaps are closed in specific situations, and support for fast-changing processes is secured. Every employee has different prior knowledge and abilities. Standard training courses, which tie up a lot of time and resources and offer the same thing to all participants, are no longer an adequate solution for fast and flexible knowledge transfer. Enterprises must accept this challenge and support different types of training and development, whether this involves needs-based application help for the relevant situations at the workplace, simulations, or live in-app training. Comprehensive collaboration solutions that adequately support and reduce the workload of technical writers, instructors, and HR departments are often missing to combat the rapidly increasing administrative effort required to generate increasingly diverse content, regularly update this content, manage it, and make it available to the right users.

    With Scheer GmbH and SAP Enable Now, you’ll have the right tools at hand to train yourself and your employees and to prepare for the challenges of digitalization!

    The solution

    With Scheer and SAP Enable Now, you can say goodbye to conventional classroom training with traditional training documents. Say hello to context-sensitive application help, simulations, and live in-app training courses. Use SAP Enable Now to give your employees the information they need in the right place, at the right time. Let your employees learn exactly what they need for their job at their workplace. With context-related help directly at the workplace – in the current system or on the supported machine – the onboarding period for new employees and those assigned new areas of activity can be shortened. A positive side-effect is the reduction of your support workload, by reducing the number of queries made due to lack of application expertise.

    The single-source solution from SAP provides you with a wide range of output from a single recording in the system. Or to be more specific: You record a process just once in the system and it is then output in automated fashion as simulation, documentation, test plan, and (in-app) performance support, and stored in structured form in a knowledge database. This approach makes it easier for your employees to create content and also saves resources.

    Your benefits

    • Target-oriented and needs-based training directly at the workplace
    • Short onboarding periods for new employees thanks to context-related support on site
    • Significant time savings in the creation of diverse training formats from a single source
    • Setup of a knowledge database at no additional effort or expense
    • Automation of localization and updating of training contents
    • Compatible with the SCORM standard
    • Extended functions for recording, processing, and preview of contents
    • Graphical pattern recognition and APIs simplify the identification of objects
    • In-app help always relates specifically to the application in use – only the required information is displayed
    • Available on premise or as a cloud solution – matching your system landscape

    As process experts with extensive expertise in training management, we support you from the design stage right through to ongoing operations. You’ll benefit not only from the technical implementation, but also from our expertise in developing a global training strategies. When it comes to the creation of company-specific templates in your corporate design, you can count on Scheer, too.

    Your expert

    Holger Matzick

    Expert HXM