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Demand-driven replenishment

Current challenges

  1. Poor delivery performance by supplier
  2. Volatile sales volumes
  3. Insufficient inventory forecast
  4. High delivery performance vs. low capital lockup costs

The solution

  • Automated forecasting of safety stock
  • Optimization of warehouse inventories
  • System-supported selection of safety-stock materials
  • Transparency along the internal supply chain

The benefits

  • Optimized inventories that won't diminish your ability to deliver
  • Reduced capital lockup costs
  • Increased productivity thanks to greater material availability

 Scheer can help you cope with fluctuations in demand while ensuring high material availability and low capital lockup costs.

– Joachim Becker, Head of Supply Chain Management

Implementation time

Approx. 3-4 weeks


Starts at €12,000

plus any necessary SAP licenses

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