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    Achieving good asset performance poses a variety of challenges

    • Lack of transparency regarding asset information and use
    • Long maintenance processes
    • Poor asset performance

    Not having enough information on assets is aggravating – and not only for the operator. It forces manufacturers to strive for improvements without even knowing how their assets are currently performing; it can also drag out maintenance measures performed by service providers. That’s why it makes sense for manufacturers, operators, and corresponding service providers to be in close contact with regard to assets. A manufacturer can improve asset performance by providing the latest operating manuals, for example. In return, the operator can provide feedback to the manufacturer to speed up specific improvement measures. Maintenance measures can also be streamlined when service providers know the characteristics of assets and how they are used ahead of time.

    Why use the SAP Asset Intelligence Network?

    The SAP Asset Intelligence Network ensures efficient communications among manufacturers, operators, and service providers by serving as a central, cloud-based asset data repository (single point of truth) with access to the latest asset information, maintenance strategies, and manuals. The SAP Asset Intelligence Network facilitates the exchange of usage data for asset performance analysis and continuous improvement. It also makes it possible to forward asset information to service providers. As a result, you can improve your service and maintenance processes and benefit from improved maintenance efficiency.

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    Benefits of using the SAP Asset Intelligence Network


    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Create a foundation for future collaboration and new business models
    • Improve transparency and information flows


    • Complete asset information directly from the manufacturer
    • Simple communication of critical situations
    • Reduction of costs for data retention and updates

    How you'll benefit with Scheer

    Effective networking among manufacturers, operators, and maintenance service providers is both an opportunity and a challenge. Scheer GmbH can support you in establishing collaborative asset management through the SAP Asset Intelligence Network. Constant communication will enable you to benefit from improved asset performance and faster maintenance processes. Improve your maintenance efficiency through end-to-end supply chain collaboration with manufacturers, operators, and service providers.

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