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    Production Planning and Control

    Welcome to the age of the digital production processes

    Production planning poses a variety of challenges when it comes to fulfilling your personal expectations and those of your customers. Fast, reliable requirements planning is crucial to avoiding supply bottlenecks and minimizing capital lockup costs in warehousing. Determining what quantity and quality of material is to be provided at what time is a fundamental question in this regard. An efficient and economical production process is an indispensable part of production and manufacturing. Meanwhile, particular attention needs to be paid to ensuring a consistently high level of capacity utilization in production facilities. You now have access to new technological approaches that can help you interconnect sensors, machines and IT  as a means of maintaining a clear overview and control of your production processes. For example, it's possible to identify material waste and excess material consumption and initiate countermeasures in a timely fashion. This type of modern production planning and control is further enhanced by fast, user-friendly feedback tools.

    If you're in need of a capable and experienced partner who can help you analyze and shape your production processes and integrate them with new SAP S/4HANA  solutions, look no further than Scheer GmbH. Don’t delay – contact us today! Together, we can guide your company into the world of digital production.

    How you'll benefit

    Planning of capacity and material requirements

    Production requires the raw materials and semi-finished goods that go into a given end product. Scheer GmbH will be happy to support you in implementing demand-driven material provision to ensure swift and straightforward production processes with minimal material bottlenecks and waiting periods.

    Today, businesses face the challenge of allocating the limited capacity provided by their production machines to the orders they receive. We can help you identify capacity bottlenecks early on and make sure you don't use the same resources twice. This will enable you to react to impending issues before they occur.

    How you'll benefit

    • Real-time material requirements planning
    • Evaluation of flexible, demand-driven rescheduling options
    • Planning of production resources

    Efficient production processes

    Reconciling fluctuating order quantities with short-term demand points and production restrictions is no easy task.
    Designing production processes efficiently is a central function of production planning and control. The objective here is to fulfill order dates while simultaneously guaranteeing the highest possible utilization of production facilities. Waiting and transport times also need to be minimized, along with setup costs.
    This is the only way for your company to stand out from the competition by providing flexible yet efficient production.

    How you'll benefit

    • High level of facility utilization
    • Synchronization of production processes with high degree of leveling
    • Elimination or minimization of transport and waiting times, as well as setup processes

    Production monitoring

    Only those who have in-depth knowledge of their business processes are in a position to improve them. With the right SAP S/4HANA solutions and Scheer GmbH by your side, you'll be able to shape your production process with full transparency. This in turn will help you evaluate excess material consumption, scrap rates or production times (to name just a few examples). Once you've gained these insights, we'll be happy to aid you in designing lean, targeted production processes and take measures to counter any issues that occur.
    Take advantage of our offerings and lead your production processes into the world of digital transformation!

    How you'll benefit

    • Documentation, analysis and evaluation of production KPIs
    • Identification of vulnerabilities and implementation of countermeasures

    Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling

    Simple management of complex production scenarios

    It's a situation almost every company knows: production planning has just been completed, the machines are showing a high level of utilization and the requirement dates for orders have been taken into account. A moment later, you receive an order from a customer that needs to be turned around quickly. This requires complex, time-consuming effort on your part to restructure your production plan – unless you have Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling from SAP!

    SAP S/4HANA boasts comprehensive application scenarios and an extensive solution portfolio of detailed scheduling tools. Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling is of particular interest to businesses that face the following challenges:

    • Capacity bottlenecks (machines, personnel, etc.)
    • Resource-intensive setup processes and times
    • Significant fluctuations and unpredictability in order situations
    • A comprehensive range of products and a large number of production machines
    • Characteristic-based production

    Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling provides you with a multitude of options for fast, straightforward and efficient execution of your production planning. The use of detailed scheduling in SAP S/4HANA enables you to apply finite planning . This means that the system compares requirements against the capacity available, which prevents bottlenecks and situations in which the same resources are allocated multiple times.  The detailed planning board gives you an overview of your production planning. You can use the alert monitor to detect impending issues early on, allowing you to react before they actually occur.

    Of course, planning heuristics are also very important. These assist you in rescheduling your production plan based on previously defined restrictions and strategies to meet your specifications and requests.

    The use of other tools, such as  campaign and block planning, can minimize setup costs and times, which in turn leads to cost reductions and faster execution of your production processes. The Optimizer also helps reduce your production costs further in line with your specifications. You can apply various calculation weightings to specific influencing factors and restrictions (normally cost and time factors).

    Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling is intuitive and embedded in SAP S/4HANA in a user-friendly fashion. Simple master data management is guaranteed, and the tool's standardized MRP runs provide for fast, straightforward material requirements planning.

    How you'll benefit

    Advantages of advanced planning

    • Finite capacity planning: takes available resource capacities and requirement dates for orders into account.
    • Automated production planning process using planning strategies and heuristics.
    • Detailed planning board: clear visualization of your resources with the relevant orders to be scheduled, instances in which resources have been allocated twice and simple control of rescheduling measures.
    • Alert monitor functions that enable swift and straightforward identification of impending bottlenecks or delays.
    • Optimizer, block and campaign planning


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