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The construction kit for your perfect SAP solution 

Use our construction kit for your perfect SAP solution and efficiency in your project. Choose an approach that supports you in the quick and efficient transfer into the SAP system of the requirements and processes of specialist areas of your business, such as sales, marketing, purchasing and production. This way you use your available budget sensibly and avoid expensive subsequent reworkingShorten the implementation time of your ERP system, put efficient operative processes into place and reduce your SAP operating and implementation costs. 

Building blocks

  • More than 5,000 best-practice sector processes from 14 main and 39 sub-sectors 
  • S/4HANA reference processes, IT service management processes, links to further reference content (e.g. SAP RDS)
  • More than 1,000 best-practice key indicators
  • Sector-specific organizational structures and role models
  • More than 3,000 data objects, forms and extensions
  • Reference IT architectures (e.g. SAP HANA, Enterprise architecture)


  • Pre-configured SAP systems with demos  
  • Automation of system analysis, documentation creation, test management and project tracking 
  • Process-based, role-oriented training 
  • Tools and accelerators for the entire project cycle  
  • S/4HANA analyses (system evaluation, FIORI app catalog) 
  • All content is optimized for use in the SAP Solution Manager  

Areas of application 

  • SAP/IT implementation and harmonization 
  • SAP/IT optimization and roll-out 
  • SAP enhancement and upgrade  
  • SAP re-documentation for the analysis of existing system landscapes 
  • IT architecture & governance 

The benefits to you

  • Transparency over the extent and content of the project right from the start 
  • Quicker ROI and more efficient projects through  

           – Pre-configured SAP systems linked with validated best-practice reference processes 

           – Automation of time-consuming and recurring tasks  

           – Tools and project accelerators 

           – State-of-the-Art methodssuch as sprints, system walkthroughs, FIT/GAP, etc. 

  • Reduction of project risks 
  • Process benchmarking for optimal processes 
  • Increased quality 
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Project phases


Aims definition, in order to identify a tailor-made project approach  

Readiness check, to identify the current status  

Scoping / mining to capture the project scope 

Business case calculation for benefits and investment evaluation

  • Preparation of the project and the project processes 
  • Investigation of the solution and the processes 
  • Detailed project provisions and categorizing the requirements
  • Determination of gaps 
  • Definition of adaptations and the implementation approach
  • Automatic creation and updating of project documentation
  • Planning and implementation of integrative sprints 
  • Showing results early through joint system walkthroughs 
  • Efficient test management – sprint controlled 
  • Continuous cut over management as well as smooth transition into operation 

  • Hypercare after go-live 
  • Project success measurement 
  • Installation of professional IT support service

  • Process measurement & monitoring 
  • Identification of potential for improvement and optimization 


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