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  • Implementing SAP S/4HANA Enterprise in a Greenfield Approach

    Implementing SAP S/4HANA Enterprise in a Greenfield Approach

    Reference story

    About Oettinger Davidoff AG

    Transformation into a global organization:

    Founded in 1875 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Oettinger Davidoff AG is a family-owned company with a portfolio centered around the core Davidoff brand. In the international tobacco segment, it develops, manages, and supports luxury cigar brands and manufactures premium cigars and accessories. With more than 500 depositories and over 75 "Davidoff of Geneva – Since 1911" flagship stores worldwide, Oettinger Davidoff offers its customers unique shopping experiences. The company also oversees all the stages of cigar production, from the development, drying, and fermentation of seeds to rolling cigars and distributing them to authorized retailers worldwide.

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    "With the Global Standard Program and the ERP Solution based on S/4HANA, we have created the basis for being able to react agilely and flexibly to business changes in the future, but also to the constantly increasing external influences on our business model."

    – Sönke Busch, Global Strategic Projects & PMO, Head Global-Standard Program

    Davidoff Cigars' assignment for us:

    The customer's existing IT solution provided insufficient support for its day-to-day business. Due to the fragmented process and system landscape and the large number of restrictions in the industry, it was no longer possible to use it in a systematic manner. The resulting complexity of Davidoff's applications was also no longer providing added value to the majority of its specialist departments. Legal requirements such as track-and-trace capability also had to be taken into account. With the holistic goal of transforming a Swiss organization into a global company with a focus on its core business, Scheer opted for a greenfield approach in implementing SAP S/4HANA.

    The solution

    After adapting the company's IT strategy, the "Crop-2-Shop" process was expanded through the introduction of S/4HANA. The subsequent template creation was followed by an initial rollout in Germany. The international rollout was then started in other countries.

    The results

    • A uniform ERP system across the group
    • Globally integrated risk reporting and reach analyses, as well as reporting on marketing, procurement, finance, and inventory
    • Cross-channel integration and customer data have enabled a holistic and uniform customer approach across all interaction channels

    Your expert

    Ein Portrait von Scheer Schweiz Geschäftsführer Dr. Robert Lettow

    Dr. Robert Lettow

    Management Scheer Schweiz AG