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Travel Management

Automate and integrate travel expense processes

Your integrated travel management, from request and planning to settlement: With the help of business trip accounting, you can settle the travel expenses of business travelers easily and efficiently and accelerate the payout process for employees. With its connected online booking service, SAP Travel Planning contributes significantly to reducing process costs in travel management. It reduces the number of instances involved in the trip and also simplifies and accelerates the entire planning process. Travel requests support system-aided handling of the request and approval process of business trips, replacing inefficient and often complex paperwork.

Your Benefits and Features

Your benefits

  • Integration with other SAP modules such as Financial Accounting and Controlling
  • Fully integrated management of all processes and travel expenses that arise in the context of business trips
  • Automatic reduction in the case of additional expenses for meals
  • Automatic assignment of the correct VAT rates for expenses
  • Regular updates ensure that all information is up to date
  • Automatic calculation of statutory per diem rates
  • Decentralized processing of trip data via Employee-Self-Service is possible
  • Extensive reporting options


  • Travel request:
    • Entry of the basic trip data
    • Initiation of the approval procedure
  • Travel planning
    • Access to vendor-independent information and booking services
    • Consideration of enterprise-specific travel policies
    • Consideration of the traveler's personal preferences
    • Consideration of agreements with travel service providers
  • Business trip accounting
    • Centralized/decentralized entry of trip data
    • Settlement and booking of trips
    • Payout of travel expenses
    • Archiving function for travel receipts
    • Credit card clearing options


Travel request

The travel request is an information unit with all the data that a traveler wants to pass on to the relevant processing point, for approval and booking of their trip, and all the data that the manager requires to approve the trip.

It also serves as a template for booking the trip, if this is handled centrally.


Travel Planning gives a key strategic advantage to every travel manager. The reporting tools in the software give you powerful argumentation during negotiations with service providers. You also reap cost benefits through SAP workflow integration, which you can use to clearly define complex approval processes that you can implement seamlessly in the system.

Expense reports

Expenses are entered, checked, and settled customer-specifically by employees in the expense department or are entered by the business travelers themselves and then checked and settled centrally.

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