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Employee Self-Services (ESS) & Manager Self-Services (MSS)

Employee portal for requests and approvals

With ESS and MSS, you give your employees the option to maintain selected personal data themselves, while making important information available to them at the same time. Through this approach, you can reduce the workload of your HR department, cut costs, and increase employee satisfaction at the same time. By transferring responsibility for specific data to your employees, you enable them to react to new situations with greater flexibility. If an employee's address changes due to a relocation, for example, the employee can update the data themselves and does not have to ask the HR department to do it. What's more, your employees can easily keep track of key information, such as available leave days, absences of colleagues, and much more.

Your benefits

  • Reduce the workload of your HR department
  • Process optimization
  • Increased employee satisfaction through self-management
  • Faster updates to personal data
  • Faster reaction by management
  • Employees and managers can easily keep track of the information that is most important to them

Functions for employees

  • Independent maintenance of selected personal data
  • Overview of employees' own time accounts
  • Leave requests directly in the system
  • Salary information with salary calculator
  • Team information including team calendar and birthday calendar
  • Printing of certificates

Functions for managers

  • Team information, including employee qualifications and rules for substitutes
  • Team calender
  • Approval of leave requests in the system
  • Variety of standard reports
  • Data-driven talent management

Efficient team management

With MSS, managers have a tool that actively supports efficient leadership of their team.

Information portal

In addition to the general overview for your own team, you can display a specific profile with detailed information for each team member.


Absences and substitutions are reliably coordinated with a clear team calendar and consolidated team information.


Detailed reporting options ensure that employee appraisals and talent management are objective and fair.

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