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SAP Sales Cloud Release 1911

Through its revisions and new features, the 1911 release expressly focuses on its intuitive and optimized user interface of the SAP Sales Cloud. Thanks to the boost in usability and efficiency, SAP enables users to master their daily work with even greater flexibility and less resource-intensive training. 

The following summarizes some of the highlights:

Please note: Read access and write access of the release depend on the assigned user role. All information is provided under reservation and without guarantees.

1. Expiration of the HTML5 user interface

With the 1911 release, Fiori has become the standard client of the SAP Sales Cloud. As already announced by SAP, the HTML-5 user interface was configured for each user. All business settings and links regarding the old HTML5 surface were removed from the Fiori client.

2. SAP Fiori 3

The Fiori user interface provides a fully new and contemporary design. The SAP Fiori 3 theme is available for the mobile and desktop versions and is used by SAP for all C/4HANA products, for a standardized and consistent appearance.

Figure 1: Contemporary design of the Fiori user interface for a consistent appearance

3. Inline Edit

The "Inline Edit" function significantly improves usability of the SAP Sales Cloud. It is impossible to make changes to individual cell values within overview lists. After the processing mode has been selected, the function or the pertinent department can be changed by means of a drop-down list (see Figure 2).

Darstellung der SAP Sales Cloud Release der Scheer GmbH
Figure 2: Easy and quick changes to data in overview lists (here: all contact persons)

4. Filter tile

The home screen of the SAP Sales Cloud also includes some new features. The newly integrated filter tile provides the best way for quickly accessing your opportunities, leads or other user-defined inquiries, for example.

The tile can be simply added to the home screen or displayed via the customization mode. All stored inquiries are automatically displayed here.

Darstellung der SAP Sales Cloud der Scheer GmbH
Figure 3: Filter tile with direct links to stored inquiries

5. New customer

When creating a new lead or opportunity, the November release enables creating a new customer directly via customer search [1] (see Figure 4).

[1] Requires adaptation settings

Darstellung der SAP Sales Cloud Release der Scheer GmbH
Figure 4: Creating a customer directly on creating a business object

If you want to know more about the SAP Sales Cloud Release 1911, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to provide you with further information.