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SAP Sales Cloud - Release 1908

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud

Please note: The visibility of the SAP Sales Cloud features always depends on your user role. All information is provided under reservation and without guarantees.

August will see another upgrade of the SAP Sales Cloud in the productive system. According to the announcements so far, a new SAP Sales Cloud App (only for iOS) in 8 languages and an analysis of existing workflows, for example, will become available here.  Improved options for survey design as well as expanded functions of the email add-in for Microsoft Outlook have also been announced.

The list of new features and changes envisaged by SAP for the 1908 release is extensive – here is a summary of merely the most important highlights:

1. In-App Contextual Help

In the event the user needs help or information regarding the current application, the new Web Assistant from SAP Enable Now will serve as the new Help system. The app Help offers different kinds of content without the user having to exit the application. Examples are information on certain elements on the user interface and step by step instructions in the form of videos or documents.

Clicking the "?" symbol in the upper bar starts the Help Assistant.

Figure 1: Help available in the work center calendar

2. Showing the Actions at the Top

For easier and quicker operation of the SAP Sales Cloud, both the Edit icon and the "Actions" field are now clearly displayed in the upper part of the user interface.

3. Editable Worklist

The overview lists of leads, opportunities, tasks and email campaigns, contracts, products, and customer orders save an enormous amount of time. Whereas previously you had to open each element individually when making changes, the upgrade allows direct editing of the most important fields in a list.

Darstellung der SAP Sales Cloud der Scheer GmbH
Figure 2: The end date can be edited in the overview list of opportunities, for example

4. "Search & Add" Feature

The new Search & Add function allows you to select objects from the existing product list and to add them even faster. The field will be available for leads, opportunities and contracts.

Figure 3: The new "Search & Add" Feature