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SAP Fiori – The comprehensive design system for enterprise software

SAP Fiori

Personalized, simplified user guidance that's consistent, integrated, and intelligent.

SAP Fiori has brought a contemporary look to SAP with its attractive, easy-to-use UIs. Personalize and simplify the user experience of your employees and give them fast, mobile access to your processes in SAP S/4HANA.

Where can you use SAP Fiori?

Fiori uses responsive design, which means application interfaces automatically adapt to the device in use. This makes it possible to use applications on devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones in addition to desktop computers, which has become a must for modern ERP systems. The system prerequisites for using SAP Fiori are described further below.

What benefits does SAP Fiori offer?

Intuitive use that requires no training and less SAP expertise than classic transactions, a user experience comparable to consumer apps, and more.

The list of SAP Fiori’s positive attributes is long. Since users are familiar with using mobile devices, apps that are provided by SAP or developed internally can quickly offer solutions that dramatically increase process efficiency. Optimized user interfaces can also reduce incorrect entries and misunderstandings, especially in comparison with the rather complex dialogs in the SAP GUI standard. In addition, you'll quickly generate a return on your investment because the move to SAP Fiori requires little effort from enterprises that already use SAP.

What makes SAP Fiori so user-friendly?

The central SAP Fiori Launchpad welcomes users with a role-based UI that's personalized and efficiently designed. Tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently because SAP aggregates context information from different process areas in tiles on the home screen in real time – a central design element of the SAP Fiori Launchpad. Users are notified and guided to their pending tasks without having to start individual menu items.

Are there applications from SAP?

SAP now offers more than 11,400 SAP Fiori apps for running business processes in this way. You can get an overview in the Fiori Library , which is organized thematically and by back-end system type. SAP provides three types of apps:

Transaction apps: These enable users to execute business processes on mobile devices and desktop computers in a simplified interface no matter where they are. Examples include postings in logistics, the creation and approval of requests (such as for time off), and the recording of work performance (in services, for example).

Fact sheets: These apps display fact sheets for KPIs and make it possible to retrieve detailed information on individual objects through drill-down functions. Normally, an application contains several fact sheets that are all interlinked. They let you get a quick overview of different process areas in the same way as reports on a specific topic.

Analytic apps: These apps perform complex analyses of large datasets in real time and compile the results in an aggregated, easy-to-understand view (which is often graphical). Examples include reports in sales and distribution or DB invoices in controlling. You can model custom KPIs or use the existing, predefined KPIs.

Why use mobile apps with SAP Fiori?

With SAP Fiori, you put the focus on the user. Through this responsive technology, app UIs adapt automatically to users' devices, creating a new user experience and freeing your employees from the complex dialogs in the standard SAP GUI. Scheer’s experts can design and develop role-based solutions that will start supporting your employees right away.

What are the technical prerequisites of SAP Fiori?

Most current SAP systems already meet the prerequisites for using SAP Fiori. The ERP system is accessed via SAP Gateway, the front-end server that acts as a kind of middleware between the Fiori app and the ERP system. Web requests from the apps are converted into “SAP language” and data is exchanged with the ERP system.
Additional prerequisites:

  • SAP HANA database or anyDB (database) for selected apps
  • SAP NetWeaver (recommended: NetWeaver 7.4) front-end and back-end component
  • SAP Business Suite product (Fiori app)
  • SAP Web Dispatcher (optional)
  • SAP HANA, Platform Edition (for use of SAP HANA apps)
  • SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite (for use of SAP HANA apps)

SAP Gateway can be run as a separate system or installed as part of the ERP system. The optimal deployment of SAP Gateway depends on the project in question.

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