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SAP Trends in Medium-Sized Companies

According to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, medium-sized companies continue to be the success factor of the German economy. Over 99% of all companies in Germany are mid-sized. They generate more than half of all added value, and provide almost 60% of all jobs and around 82% of trainee positions. To keep things going this way in the future, today we'd like to present the trends and recommendations for action for medium-sized businesses. Mid-sized businesses must be innovative and flexible in order to adapt to changing market conditions. Through intelligent product, service and process innovation, medium-sized companies can set themselves apart from the competition.

Mobile working & cloud in widespread use

To continue being perceived as an attractive employer, a large proportion of medium-sized enterprises from the digital economy offer their employees mobile work. In principle, internal and external workplaces can be connected digitally without any problems. In practice, however, this isn't always the case. According to a study by the D21 initiative, only 44% of employees have a laptop. In other words, companies are not fully exploiting the potential, especially in administration and production. Meanwhile 63% of German companies are currently working on migrating more applications to the cloud, as shown in an IT trend study by Capgemini (2019). The German Engineering Federation (VDMA) here speaks primarily of private, and hardly of any public, cloud offerings. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition allows broad coverage of both sectors. Especially mid-sized companies are increasingly encountering limited IT resources. Constant hardware development means that cost and security are playing an important role. The increase in cyber attacks is also causing medium-sized companies to rethink and rely more on cloud-based solutions. With SAP S/4HANA Cloud you can be sure that your data will be smoothly transferred to the cloud, so that you can continue to do business in a mobile and agile manner in the future.


The trend towards increasingly well-informed and demanding customers will continue in the future. The internet offers numerous opportunities and generally intensifies the competitive situation enormously. Particularly in the medium-sized enterprise sector, more and more companies are also competing with corporate groups. Here in particular, it's important for medium-sized companies to communicate competitive advantages clearly and comprehensively and to seize the opportunity to learn from the customer.

In the future, dialog with the customer will lead companies or even entire industries to bundle their inquiries, complaints, and engagement in a CRM system, evaluate these factors, and derive direct marketing or product strategies from them. Modern CRM software solutions such as SAP Sales Cloud play a decisive role in staying one step ahead of the competition. After all, a reliable CRM system is essential for preparing your company for the future.

Big data and artificial intelligence (KI)

The greater focus on data quality is a logical move regarding this subject. Indeed, given the increasing digitalization and automation of processes, companies are increasingly feeling their actual dependence on well-maintained data. More and more often, medium-sized companies are encountering excessive amounts of data, which are also growing very rapidly in volume or are insufficiently annotated. Only through high data quality can digitalization become a true success. Comprehensive data and suitable analysis methods are essential especially in the use of artificial intelligence. While the subject of artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips, in past years it was regarded only as a trend that would not have great relevance in the long term. But in 2020 this term is no longer just a buzzword. The goal of AI is to make automatic decisions based on available information. AI is accordingly able to recognize and apply relevant information from large amounts of data. In this regard, SAP AnalyticsCloud is an ideal solution for supporting mid-sized companies in their digital transformation in order to anticipate future events and predict bottlenecks.

Automated processes

Economic developments affect all departments of a company, including Purchasing. Rising costs place the entire company under pressure. Purchasing today accordingly has a great influence on perspective competitiveness. Because of globalization and the use of numerous systems and processes, companies can no longer purchase under defined terms. For this reason, they must establish and maintain business relationships. To meet these difficulties, SAP Ariba offers the largest digital marketplace!

SAP Ariba can digitize the entire procurement process and cover all categories. It offers a simple, intuitive interface and automated processes. With SAP Ariba, you can buy and sell at fixed prices, both as a buyer and as a seller. The Ariba Network is the world's largest business network, listing millions of companies and thereby giving them an overview of their costs and expenses. The entire procurement process is automated by Ariba Network.

The demographic shift

The digital world is changing every day. Can you remember the last time you filled out a remittance slip or a form? Traditional slips of paper are disappearing more and more from our daily life. So why shouldn't HR management also adapt to the latest trends in digitalization? The success of a company is measured by how well you actually succeed in attracting talent, retaining it and utilizing its potential for business. After all, employees are the most important asset in your company. But how do you find qualified and motivated employees? A sound economy and demographic changes are leading to a shortage of applicants. Companies in the medium-sized enterprise sector need to rethink and offer employees more. Top-qualified employees in particular often have a choice between several offers when seeking jobs and can therefore act with self-confidence and upsell employers. Due to this inverted balance of power, nowadays some companies are applying to the applicants! SAP SuccessFactors supports you in implementing the digital concepts in the HCM system. With SAP SuccessFactors you can cover all the requirements of your HR departments. It's your decision whether to map the complete suite or use a combination of SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. We'll join you in designing the SAP SuccessFactors solutions individually according to your requirements and support you during implementation.

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