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Your Benefits and Features

Social platform for collaboration and communication

SAP Jam is an ultra-modern collaboration platform that enables the exchange of information and media within a network of employees, customers, experts, and partners.

Mobile, available anytime and anywhere, it can be used to optimize processes, strengthen commitment, and enable more efficient achievement of goals.

You can manage and track work processes and enable team collaboration over a secure network. Voting and discussions optimize decision-making.

Your benefits

  • Ultra-modern solution with intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Continuous innovations that regularly generate new features and improvements
  • Faster communication increases efficiency
  • Optimized information gathering among employees leads to a reduction in effort/expense
  • Closer collaboration of (project) teams
  • Strengthen collaboration with external partners via a central platform


  • Communication platform
  • Share media content such as videos, audios, presentations, and working documents
  • Surveys and votes
  • Integration with Learning and Onboarding
  • Dedicated access management
  • Notifications via e-mail
  • Mobile capability including app for iPhone/Android

Social learning…

can be enabled through collaboration between teams and communities, who efficiently transfer know-how, ask questions, and develop solutions together. By sharing knowledge and media content – such as videos, audios or presentations – you increase the efficiency of your training courses and thus reduce your overall training and education costs.

Social onboarding….

means providing relevant information for the onboarding process, so that new employees can become productive more quickly. This means you save both time and money. In conjunction with Onboarding, you can make effective use of the time between hiring and the first day at work by connecting new employees with current employees.

Team spirit…

is often a critical factor. Strengthen collaboration using an ultra-modern communication platform, with which you can plan and implement goals, expectations, work steps, and intermediate statuses. Employees in a team can use this to coordinate their jointly set goals and achieve them with greater efficiency.

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