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Onboarding 2.0

SAP SuccessFactors

Only together with Employee Central

Current challenges

  • Do you need a more efficient way to bring new employees on board so they can start producing results more quickly?
  • Would you like to put an end to your paper-based processes?
  • Do you want to avoid being overloaded with information and potentially missing what's important?

The solution

Choose between our Starter Box and our Advanced Box:

  • Starter: Fast, uncomplicated, best-practice implementation with all standard processes, such as a standardized personnel questionnaire and a welcome portal
  • Advanced: Optimal mix of best practices and diverse extensions, including for automated event assignment

The benefits

  • High cost transparency and fast implementation
  • Optimization of the integration process
  • Employees who adjust to their new jobs and start producing results more quickly
  • Digital administration of documents

Implementation time

2/3 months

Starter Box: 2 months; Advanced Box: 3 months

Starts at €22,068

Starter Box: €22,068 | Advanced Box: €39,516

Get your consulting package at an attractive price now.

Higher productivity through a successful onboarding period

With SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, you can promote loyalty to the enterprise among new employees as soon as the hiring process is complete, so you can prepare them for their new role. The transition from applicant to employee becomes a seamless and forward-looking process, where necessary formalities are taken care of with system support before the new employee starts work.

In interaction with other solutions (such as SAP Jam, Learning, and more), the new talents can get to know their new colleagues even before their first day at work, can become familiar with enterprise content, and participate in training courses. With this approach, SAP Onboarding ensures an optimal onboarding process and new employees can quickly become productive.

Your benefits

  • Strategic and comprehensive onboarding approach
  • Optimal transition from applicant to employee
  • Increase employee satisfaction even before they start work
  • New employees become productive quicker
  • Access at any time, anywhere, and on all devices


  • Workflow-supported onboarding process
  • Workflow-supported offboarding process
  • Form Management
  • Out-of-the-box: Standard legal forms
  • Dynamic home page
  • Networking between current and new employees
  • Integration with Talent Management
  • Monitoring and analysis of onboarding
  • Optional: eSignature with SAP Signature Management

Your Benefits and Features


can be taken care of online, using the SuccessFactors Onboarding system, automated form provision, and eSignatures, even before the employee’s first day at work.

This means that new employees don’t have to spend their first working day dealing with redundant formalities.

Involve internal departments…

in the onboarding process, by sending e-mail notifications to all persons involved in tasks relating to the onboarding process for new employees (such as the IT and Security departments).

Foster employee loyalty…

even before they start work. Give new employees access to a secure talent portal that they can access externally.

Connect new employees with their future colleagues and make enterprise information available to them.

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