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Goals &Performance Management

SAP SuccessFactors

Do you want to provide your employees with feedback, clear goals,
and corresponding incentives?

Do you want to do this as regularly and as easily as possible?
Let us show you in a live demo how you can use
SuccessFactors to fulfill these expectations with an intuitive, digital solution, while achieving your enterprise goals at the same time.

SAP SuccessFactors – Performance & Goals

Current challenges

  • Do you want to prepare and plan your employee performance reviews efficiently?
  • Do you need an efficient means of exchanging feedback between your managers and employees?
  • Do you want to keep your individual target plan up to date and present it in a transparent way?

The solution

Choose between our Starter Box and our Advanced Box:

  • Starter: Fast, uncomplicated, best-practice implementation with all the standard processes, such as for system-supported employee performance reviews, goal agreements, and performance appraisals
  • Advanced: Optimal mix of best practices and diverse extensions, including SMART Goal Wizard for goal creation

The benefits

  • High cost transparency and fast implementation
  • Improved employee loyalty thanks to transparent goal and performance development
  • Meeting preparations that require fewer resources
  • Transparent communication between managers and employees

Implementation time

1/2 months

Starter Box: 1 month; Advanced Box: 2 months

Starts at €11,912

Starter Box: €11,912 | Advanced Box: €38,095

Get your consulting package at an attractive price now.

Your Benefits and Features

Reward performance, motivate and retain employees

Companies who succeed in managing the performance of their employees over the long term can react more flexibly to current changes and can better withstand competition. Employee performance is at the core of the process.

With user-friendly best practices from Scheer, this process is accepted and supported by employees, because it provides transparency with regard to leadership, feedback, and recognition, in turn ensuring increased employee motivation. The diverse functions enable you to create a very customized performance management process, so that past performance can be appraised easily and accurately, and future performance optimized.

Your benefits

  • Innovative solution with intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Short implementation time with Scheer Best Practices
  • Harmonization of processes for performance appraisal
  • Increase in employee satisfaction through transparency
  • Meaningful analyses and dashboards in real time
  • Access at any time, anywhere, and on all devices


  • Cascading goals in the enterprise and/or in teams
  • Define individual goals and development plans
  • Flexible definition of performance appraisal forms
  • Tool for continuous performance appraisal
  • Calibration of the performance appraisal results with individual matrix display and drag and drop function
  • Best practices goal library, individually extensible and customizable
  • Best-practice text templates for performance appraisal and coaching
  • Word selection scanner and equal treatment indicator (Beyond Bias)
  • Integration with other SuccessFactors components

Learning: Combine development goals with training measures

Succession: Make use of performance appraisal results for succession planning

Compensation: Integrate performance appraisal results with compensation planning

  • Analyses and dashboards in real time for continuous monitoring of the process

SMART Goal Wizard…

helps to create specific, realistic, and timed goals on the basis of a step-by-step guide. Or make use of the integrated goal library with more than 600 best practices.

Performance appraisals…

if carried out on an ongoing basis, can support your employees through regular feedback and coaching and contribute to continuous improvement.

Successes in goal achievement can be documented directly, rather than only once each year, leading to an increase in transparency and more accurate information.

Enterprise goals…

should be defined by you. Cascade these goals to all employees in order to make strategic goals transparent and work together to achieve them.

Or define group and team goals to strengthen team spirit.

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