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Organizational Management

Hierarchical and functional Organizational Management (OM)

By achieving transparency in your organization, you can simplify personnel planning based on qualifications and positions. This is true of both short-term workforce/shift planning and long-term personnel development and succession planning.

Your Benefits and Features

Your benefits

  • Quick overview of your organizational structure
  • Mapping of report structures
  • User-specific modes and views
  • Integration with other SAP modules such as Personnel Administration, Personnel Development, Recruitment


  • Detailed mapping of your organizational structure
  • History management of previous organizational structures
  • Creation of plan variants to model future organizational structures

Complete mapping of your enterprise structure

The goal of organizational management is the complete mapping of the hierarchical and functional structure of your organization.

In SAP OM, the hierarchical structures and related tasks are maintained in the system via organizational units, positions, and jobs, down to the individual employee level.

The data entered in this way can subsequently be integrated with other SAP modules (such as Personnel Administration and Personnel Development), providing the basis for additional strategic functions within the modules.

Your expert

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Viktor Hardt

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