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Successfully Master the Digital Transformation with the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

What is the SAP BTP?

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offer from SAP. It provides in-memory functions, core platform services and easily integrated services for building intelligent, mobile-enabled cloud applications. The platform was designed to accelerate your transformation by helping you quickly, easily and economically develop the exact application the company needs – without investing in on-premises or cloud infrastructure.

This makes the SAP BTP a unified, open data and development platform for the entire SAP ecosystem in the cloud. The objective of the SAP BTP is to provide the solution to company challenges during the digital transformation: to simplify and unify complex, IT landscapes that are not, or only partially, integrated.   

SAP faces these challenges with this unified foundation for all SAP solutions and products. A stable multi-cloud foundation enables SAP developers, customers and partners alike to integrate and create value from data as well as extend within SAP landscapes.

The 5 pillars of the SAP BTP

The SAP BTP is based on five pillars that are combined in a unified environment:

1. Data and Analytics

This category includes, among others, the SAP HANA database and its cloud version, as well as the data management (SAP Master Data Governance) and even the SAP Data Intelligence for the mapping of ML scenarios. Also included here are the SAP Analytics cloud and the SAP Data Warehouse cloud.
Playing a central role are the forward-looking data storage, the elimination of data redundancy and the data enrichment (even from third parties ) from various sources for making sound business decision in real time. The area is therefore an elemental pillar of the SAP BTP.

2. Integration

This category is one of the central, supporting pillars of the SAP BTP. Using the Integration Suite enables the integration of differing systems, SAP and non-SAP systems, into an overall system landscape. Using Open Connectors, meaning turnkey connections to third-party systems such as Slack or Microsoft 365, it is possible to map further application cases easily and securely. Moreover, the Integration Advisor and the Integration Assessment provide an effective connection of system with differing data formats. In addition, API Management enables a comfortable and secure provision of system functionalities.

3. Application development:

Customer-specific adjustments and enhancements are still possible in this category with an ABAP in the cloud, Fiori elements or Fiori apps that are developed internally. With the Extension Suite, SAP provides an additional centralized suite. For this purpose, developers make available the appropriate tools, libraries and environments in the pro code area. Even citizen developers will find the appropriate tools here for adjusting and enhancing business applications themselves.   

4. Automation

This category contains a complete workflow solution. Using the SAP Build Process Automation, it is possible to build release processes with varying decision-making channels depending on the release level or with differing form fields that are adjusted to the corresponding decision-maker.

5. AI Services

In this category, robots (RPAs) or chatbots contribute to a forward-looking optimization of processes. This category also includes services such as the automatic document classification and a service for the extraction of information from documents. The offer is continuously expanded here and provides an easy and convenient possibility of enriching the system landscape with AI.          

By means of this portfolio, the SAP BTP creates a broad, powerful technological foundation and a solid basis for stepping into the cloud. With a continuously growing service catalog (Discovery Center), business processes can be connected across SAP and non-SAP system boundaries via application-based and technically necessary services.

Aspects of security and trust within the SAP BTP

IT landscapes are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented. In this context, the issue of security is a decisive criterion. The SAP BTP supports companies from the ground up via the differentiation between application users (business users) and platform users (administrators). Roles and authorizations as well as Cloud Identity Services have already been integrated into the platform. The standard-SAP ID is made available out-of-the-box as centralized Identity Management. An Identity Management solution that is already established in the company can be integrated via SAP BTP in a secure and stable manner. In addition, all APIs and applications that are integrated or used are secured via state-of-the-art security technologies as well as by means of authorization and authentication.


Ensure company success with the SAP BTP

How can this powerful cloud platform contribute to the success of companies, and what are the next steps to be taken into the cloud?

For many companies, the SAP BTP doubtlessly plays a decisive role in the digital transformation, and it forms the basis of a forward-looking, modern IT infrastructure. This SAP platform-as-a-service offering has long been established on the market. Previously as a cloud platform, the SAP BTP was subject to a technological update via Cloud Foundry as an established cloud standard as well as a service/container-based approach. By means of ABAP in the cloud, Fiori and the latest web technologies, the SAP BTP provides an outstanding foundation for the S/4HANA Suite as well as for neighboring non-SAP systems and third-party systems of other partners.

A company that seeks to be well equipped to deal with the future must integrate all solutions and use both modern and flexible technologies to increase the speed and automation of business processes. The need for digital solutions is now greater than ever. Therefore, the sooner the transformation is started, the sooner companies will become smarter and more sustainable, thereby gaining major advantages over their competitors.

A capable partner for implementation of the SAP BTP

As part of the implementation of the SAP BTP, working with a partner delivers clear added value for companies: An experienced partner formulates use cases, considers and examines all business processes, even across system boundaries, and implements transparent, functioning solutions quickly and with competence.

Benefit from the SAP BTP with this stable, powerful platform in the cloud as well. The SAP BTP is flexible, and it can be customized as well as fully integrated into your existing IT landscape. Get in shape for the digital future now!

If you have any questions on the topic of the SAP BTP, we would be happy to provide you with advice and assistance.