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SAP S/4HANA Transformation Factory: SNP presents the next generation of the software platform for data transformation and management CrystalBridge®.

Business and IT transformations are currently at the top of the agenda for business and industry. This means that data is restructured, migrated, reassembled and archived. The transformation can only succeed if the right data is in the right place. A strategic question for all SAP customers is therefore: How do we transform our SAP system landscape simply, quickly and securely in order to subsequently get the most out of the data? This requires a holistic view of the SAP system landscape, from processes and data to technology and the associated architecture.

Successful partnership

For many years, Scheer has relied on a strategic partnership with SNP and the CrystalBridge® software platform to enable customers to jointly execute demanding transformation projects quickly and securely. Scheer has developed its own standardized approach based on SNP's CrystalBridge software.

Scheer's "S/4HANA Transformation Factory" provides a secure roadmap for the migration to SAP S/4HANA and the cloud. For the cloud transition, Scheer has even developed a specific "Easy Move to Azure" approach for a quick migration to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  With the S/4HANA Transformation Factory, Scheer and SNP have already successfully implemented various transformation projects together. The advantages of the software-based approach for SAP user companies are the fixed price, low risk, comprehensive SAP S/4HANA and process expertise, as well as a shorter project duration and the option to handle several subprojects in one transformation project

Next generation of CrystalBridge

SNP recently introduced the next generation of its own CrystalBridge platform. The platform for end-to-end SAP data transformations is considered the industry standard with over 14,500 projects. It has been supplemented with further solutions around enterprise data: from data integration and masking of sensitive data to data archiving and decommissioning. With the new version, SNP supports its customers even better in their challenges and they can implement their digital transformation even faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. The new generation of CrystalBridge is currently being constantly enhanced with new functionalities and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Source: SNP SE

New solutions for data management

The new platform offers, for example, even more comprehensive data analysis including monitoring and benchmarking. Thus, SNP has the largest SAP-independent benchmark database with over 4,000 system scans in recent years. Benchmarking enables companies to comparatively examine and optimize the quality, processing and added value of their data in the competitive market.

In addition, CrystalBridge provides high-quality SAP data as a prerequisite for smoothly and efficiently running system processes. This allows customers to focus precisely on the data they need in the SAP environment. The selected SAP data is migrated to on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments, whose innovation potential enables maximum value creation.

Finally, CrystalBridge will in the future provide analytics and cloud data warehouse transformations, as well as data integration and reporting between SAP and non-SAP system landscapes. By offloading legacy or temporary data, companies reduce the burden on their databases, ensure compliance, slow down data growth, and lower operating and maintenance costs for storage capacity.

Another benefit for customers is the automation that comes with a high level of industrialization, which will simplify the entire transformation process.


The SNP software platform CrystalBridge continues to develop as an industry standard in the SAP environment. The software receives additional solutions for data transformation and brand new solutions for data management. This gives customers a 360° view of their SAP system landscapes for transformation, data quality, data management and compliance, enabling them to transform their moves to SAP S/4HANA and the cloud even more easily, quickly and securely. With CrystalBridge as an important component of the S/4HANA Transformation Factory, customers of Scheer and SNP can benefit from the aforementioned advantages and efficiently start their SAP S/4HANA transformation.


Author: Dominik Wittenbeck, Vice President Of Product Management bei SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE

Vice President Of Product Management | SNP

Author: Dominik Wittenbeck

Vice President Of Product Management | SNP