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Digital infrastructure as driver of innovation: Scheer contributes to project GAIA-X

Within the project GAIA-X French and German representatives of politics, business and science, together with other European partners, create a proposal for the next generation of data infrastructure for Europe. It has to be a secure and federated system which promotes innovation with the highest standards of digital sovereignty. GAIA-X ist the birthplace of an open and transparent digital ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collated and shared trustfully.

In June 2020, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier and French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire presented concrete steps of the European data infrastructure project GAIA-X. Followed by an Virtual Expert Forum presenting the status quo and archived results since the project announcement at 2019’s Digital Gipfel. At the same time, new documents about the status quo of the project were published.

Scheer has contributed to the business as well as technical architecture concepts and is significantly involved in the Product & Service Board. Moreover Scheer was part of the Virtual Expert Forum following the press conference and particiating with a presentation about “Innovation Drivers: Advanced smart services”.

Lern more about the project GAIA-X and Scheer’s partnership in our interview with Dr. Sabine Wilfling, Head of Strategy & Transformation at Scheer: