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    SAP Analytics Solutions

    What solution do you need when?

    S/4HANA Embedded Analytics

    Real-time operational reporting

    S/4HANA Embedded Analytics enables real-time analytics and monitoring of the most important KPIs. A virtual data model within SAP S/4HANA serves as the initial foundation. This makes it possible to link analytics and processing, which enables you to respond directly when action is needed.

    SAP provides optimal support for BI tasks, including a number of ready-made Fiori apps for a variety of use cases. Customer-specific applications can also be realized and other front-end tools, such as SAP Analytics Cloud, can be integrated.

    Special features:

    • Real-time operational reporting
    • Component of SAP S/4HANA
    • Many ready-made Fiori apps
    • Extensible through front-end tools

    Embedded Analytics@S/4HANA Cloud – A new story?

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    SAP Analytics Cloud

    AI-driven findings for fact-based decisions

    SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a self-service business analytics tool that lets you not only analyze current situations based on data models, but also investigate root causes and develop future scenarios.

    This software-as-a-service solution is based on the SAP HANA Cloud platform and integrates business intelligence with predictive and planning functions. Its in-memory technology is very powerful and can be used on any device via a web browser. Your users are connected with one another on a central platform – meaning there's no need for tedious consolidation of Excel spreadsheets.

    Darstellung der SAP Analytics Lösungen

    Key benefits

    • Business intelligence: Extensive options for accessing data and flexible business reporting
    • Enterprise planning: Create and link integrated financial and operational plans on one central platform
    • Predictive analytics and AI: Make better decisions based on modern forecasting methods and data-driven insights
    • Application design: Develop sophisticated applications directly on the platform without messy integration issues

    Analytics Cloud architecture

    SAP Analytics Cloud is hosted, maintained, and regularly enhanced and updated by SAP in the Cloud Foundry. You can choose your preferred data center and thereby ensure that your data remains in your region. A simple, user-based licensing model makes it easier to select the right licenses.

    Meanwhile, Cloud Connector gives you a secure way to transfer your data to the SAC. If your data retention needs are more demanding, you can also leave the data in your own BW and use a live connection. In this case, the SAC uses only metadata to construct models and calculations; your back-end systems and browser do the rest. Having a live connection means no data will leave your enterprise network and you can continue to use your data source's existing system of permissions.

    The requirements in terms of interfaces depend on your specific needs. Get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to advise you.

    Benefits of a central platform

    How many Excel spreadsheets of planning data exist at your company? How often do you have to e-mail Excel files back and forth until a plan is finalized? How many versions of the same plan are there in your SharePoint? In SAP Analytics Cloud, you can develop targeted data models for requirements in specific topic areas (such as personnel cost planning or depreciation) and integrate them with ease. You can reduce the complexity of your data landscape while still having all your planning in one central location. At the same time, the SAC makes it easy to share and discuss plans with colleagues. You'll be able to keep your inbox tidy and won't have to click your way through your company's SharePoint to get the exact reports you need.

    Meanwhile, the collaboration features of the SAC enable you to further elaborate and coordinate your planning input. You can also create calendar tasks, organize processes, and assign planning tasks in the SAC. The system identifies market managers and product owners, for example, and creates all objects in a fully automated way. Your planners only see what they need to see.
    Keep track and maintain control of process progress by reviewing, accepting, or rejecting planning figures. If your company operates in multiple countries, the SAC can also support you with automatic currency conversion and an option to set each country's fiscal year.

    Scheer Boxes – SAP Analytics Cloud

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    Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP S/4HANA data

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    SAP Predictive Analytics

    Generate clear, reliable forecasts

    To utilize your enterprise data efficiently (even in big data scenarios) and derive important new business rules, you need a tool for clear, reliable forecasts: predictive analytics. SAP provides user-friendly environments – some of them in real time – for a variety of solution scenarios, such as time series forecasts, customer group analyses, shopping cart analyses, and decision support for pattern recognition (data mining), statistical analytics, and artificial intelligence. Take advantage of the wealth of data at your company and optimize your business processes with the fine-tuned analysis offered by SAP's BI tools for predictive analytics.

    SAP Predictive Analytics –Solution scenarios

    • Supply chain optimization
    • Risk minimization
    • Forecasts
    • Optimization of sales processes
    • Targeted marketing activities
    • Predictive maintenance


    Enter and link data in real time

    SAP Enterprise Data Warehouse is based fully on SAP HANA. From extended data modeling and data governance to powerful solution development, it offers a tremendous amount of flexibility. Simplify your work with big data – SAP data, data from third-party applications, unstructured data, geo-data, and Hadoop data – all live and in real time. SAP BW/4HANA enables your company to link historical data with live data for instant analyses and fast decisions.

    Business Intelligence: How you'll benefit with SAP

    • More time to deal with the demands of your business units thanks to a simplified data warehouse architecture
    • Simplified data modeling with a modern user interface, ADSOs (advanced DataStore objects), and CompositeProviders
    • Accelerate the development of solutions with simplified object models and SQL support
    • Integration of SAP applications and data with solutions from other vendors results in a common logical data warehouse that serves as a uniform, binding foundation of data
    • Significantly enhanced performance when loading, retrieving, analyzing, staging, and planning data
    • Use of multi-temperature storage options to optimize data management, improve response times for data queries, and reduce total cost of operation
    • A simple, open, flexible data warehousing tool – on-premise and in the cloud
    • Supports SAP Data Hub for big data and Internet of Things (IoT) use cases

    SAP Datasphere as next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

    Übersicht der SAP Date Warehouse

    Self-service: An excursion to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

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    SAP Business Objects BI Suite

    Übersicht SAP Business Objects

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