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Integrated management and planning of employee resources

Strategic personnel management deals with two questions:

  • What are our business goals over the coming years?
  • Which employees do we need to achieve these goals?

Management and planning of the business objectives and the employee resources that are needed to achieve them is enabled by Workforce Planning in SAP SuccessFactors through integrated analysis of competency management for current and future requirements.

Your benefits

  • Ultra-modern solution with intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Continuous innovations that generate new features and improvements four times each year
  • Core application of strategic HR


  • Predictive analyses and strategic planning
  • Forecast and future-oriented calculations
  • Analysis of supply-demand gaps
  • Calculating financial models and impact
  • Risk analyses and evaluations
  • Benchmarking and peer networking
  •  Predefined SAP integration
  • Integration with third-party suppliers

Simulation and analysis…

of strategic objectives with Workforce Planning to make financial and operational consequences transparent and, ultimately, to make strategic decisions on the basis of sound facts. Through targeted use of the tool, you can achieve sustainable improvements in headcount and succession planning, in further training and development, and in performance appraisals.

Social community…

is a tool in SAP SucessFactors that enables an exchange of experiences and use cases with users and specialists from other companies.

Through this approach, the Scheer consulting and support team can support you with all topics in the HR area.

Opportunities and risks…

identifying them in your human resources in a timely manner enables you to implement targeted initiatives to improve your business results.

Workforce Planning provides a professional basis for strategically important decisions and value-adding HR management to help achieve enterprise goals.

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