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Current challenges

  • Do you want to optimize your processes for collecting and changing personnel data?
  • Do you want to digitalize your personnel files?
  • Do you need to adjust your time recording to keep pace with today’s agile environment?

The solution

Choose between our Starter Box and our Advanced Box:

  • Starter: Fast, uncomplicated, best-practice implementation with all the standard processes, including for job requirements and applications and digital interview planning and assessment
  • Advanced: Optimal mix of best practices and diverse extensions, such as for mapping  the process of offering contracts

The benefits

  • High cost transparency and fast implementation
  • Improved applicant experience
  • Transparent communication in the system
  • Standardized workflow processes that require less time and money

Thanks to the intuitive interface, complete history management feature, and automated processes in Employee Central, you'll be optimally equipped to face the challenges of the future.

– Ann-Julie Wasmer, Expert SAP Sales

Implementation time

2/4 months

Starter Box: 2 months; Advanced Box: 3 months

Starts at €31,743

Starter Box: €31,743 | Advanced Box: €102,148

Starter Box: for a small enterprise with 80 licenses per year*
AdvancedBox: for a mid-sized enterprise with 1,200 licenses per year*

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Your Benefits and Features

Centralized and transnational HR management

Employee Central enables centralized and transnational HR management with the highest levels of data security. Administrative tasks require significantly fewer resources and your employees have more time for the really important tasks. “With Employee Central, thanks to intuitive use, complete history management and automated processes, you are optimally equipped to face the challenges of the future.”

Your benefits

  • Ultra-modern solution with short implementation time and low maintenance costs
  • Quarterly system updates, improvements, and more than 1,700 global legal changes
  • Seamless integration with SAP JAM, a social collaboration platform for improving productivity
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive HR system with global and local best practices
  • Increase efficiency through intelligent services and self-services for employees and managers
  • Meaningful analyses of personnel data in real time and insights with a single click
  • Access at any time, any place, and on all devices


  • Personnel Administration
  • Organizational Management and Position Management
  • Time Management
  • Global Benefits
  • Intelligent Services
  • Employee and Manager Self-Services
  • Dashboards, Reports & Insights

Simplification of HR processes…

to increase operating efficiency and improve your overview of the workforce. Compliance with country-specific regulations is enabled through global and local best practices for a total of 84 countries.

HR transactions…

for personnel administration processes, workflows and self-services (ESS/MSS), employee master data, organizational structures, resubmissions and reminders, mass data changes, campaigns, responsibilities and transfers, and document management and absence management.

Trainee management…

for efficient organization of your trainees. Covers the display of study periods, training events and other assignments in the trainee plan. All information is transparent and can be viewed by a defined group of persons.

Reporting, compliance, and audit support…

through standard reports, dashboards, and the Online Report Designer. Insights offer context-related perspective no matter where you are in the suite. Special audit reports comply with audit standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley and therefore fulfill the compliance requirements over the long term.

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Your expert

A profile of Scheer employee Ann-Julie Wasmer

Ann-Julie Wasmer

SAP Sales Expert