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Compensation Management

SAP SuccessFactors

Current challenges

  • Do you want to communicate salary increases in a fair and transparent manner?
  • Do you want to get an overview of your total budget?
  • Do you want to conduct salary negotiations based on calculated adjustment values and have an overview of salary negotiations that have already been completed?

The solution

Choose between our Starter Box and our Advanced Box:

  • Starter: Fast, uncomplicated, best-practice implementation for annual salary adjustment with a standard form and a total budget based on a percentage of your total payroll
  • Advanced: Optimal mix of best practices and diverse extensions, including for the mapping of promotions

The benefits

  • High cost transparency and fast implementation
  • Stronger employee loyalty through transparent communication
  • Clarity and traceability of salary adjustments
  • Time saved through automated processes in the cloud solution

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation offers a fair, transparent way to ensure an objective compensation process. With it, you can make salary adjustment processes simpler and more accurate. The overarching analysis of various KPIs from HR provides a holistic overview.

– Ann-Julie Wasmer, Expert SAP Sales

Implementation time

20/35 days

Starter Box: 20 days; Advanced Box: 35 days

Starts at €22,495

Starter Box: €22,495 | Advanced Box: €46,336

Starter Box: for a small enterprise with 26 licenses per year*
AdvancedBox: for a mid-sized enterprise with 396 licenses per year*

Get your consulting package at an attractive price now.

Your Benefits and Features

Manage and plan compensation

Fair compensation results in motivated employees: With SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, employees are rewarded for their performance, while incentives such as bonus payments create additional motivation. This ensures that you can retain talents and top performers in the enterprise over the long term. Compensation budgets and compliance guidelines enable efficient management with automated processes and reduction of potential errors.

Your benefits

  • Strategic solution for modern compensation management
  • Fair compensation through performance-based comparisons
  • Promote employee loyalty through process transparency
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Meaningful analyses and dashboards in real time
  • Budget and compliance control
  • Efficient and secure data management


  • Make salary adjustments
  • Manage variable compensation
  • Manage bonus payments and gratuities
  • Implement long-term incentives such as stock programs
  • Rule-based compensation plans
  • Calibrate teams in individual matrix display with drag and drop function
  • Meaningful analyses and dashboards in real time
  • Integration with Performance & Goals is possible

Easy management…

of salary, bonus, and incentives with an intuitive interface. Semi-automated, rule-based implementation of compensation management using performance key figures is possible.

Full control…

over budgets and compliance with automated monitoring, ensuring that salary payments are compatible with budgets. Thanks to integrated reports, all compliance requirements are fulfilled.

Transparency and overview…

through the combination of key figures, reports, and dashboards from the HR area with other enterprise data. The precise overall analysis of all employee salaries provides an optimal overview.

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Your expert

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Ann-Julie Wasmer

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