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    Scheer Switzerland

    Scheer Schweiz AG is part of the Scheer Group, which has locations in various European countries as well as in the USA, Singapore and Australia. August-Wilhelm Scheer, professor of business informatics, inventor of the ARIS concept and successful entrepreneur since the founding of IDS Scheer AG, founded IDS Scheer Holding GmbH as a network of high-growth IT companies

    Scheer Schweiz AG supports companies in three areas:

    • Documentation and business process optimization: For more than 30 years, we have combined process-oriented thinking with industry-specific expertise. As a result, we have already been able to significantly reduce the implementation effort for over 5000 best-practice processes in 14 main industries and 39 sub-industries..
    • Implementation: In addition to our comprehensive SAP portfolio, our customers benefit from our many years of experience, close cooperation with SAP, and in-depth knowledge of the various solutions. We accompany them from consulting to efficient implementation. The focus is on the new implementation of SAP S/4HANA systems as well as the migration of existing SAP ERP systems to SAP S/4HANA.
    • IT operation: Whether individual applications or entire IT architectures, as a full-service provider Scheer Schweiz AG ensures support in Scheer's own data center in Freiburg.

    Dr. Robert Lettow
    Management Director Scheer Schweiz AG

    „With our process expertise, we support the Swiss work and financial center in projects in the digital age. As a team, we develop and implement pragmatic solutions together with our customers."

    Dr. Robert Lettow

    S/4HANA Transformation Factory - for a software-based, fast and secure SAP S/4HANA transformation

    The S/4HANA Transformation Factory offers a standardized approach and a secure roadmap for your SAP S/4HANA transformation. It is composed of a dedicated project team including SAP Solution Architect as well as certified transformation staff.

    Your Benefits: 

    • Price certainty
    • reduced risk
    • comprehensive SAP S/4HANA and process know-how
    • and a shorter project duration

    The advantage lies in a software-based and proven approach. This is guided by a firmly defined set of rules and enables a high level of audit and revision security for customers. It is also possible to integrate pre-projects into the actual transformation, which leads to faster implementation of the project.

    Our customers / references

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    Your expert

    Ein Portrait von Scheer Schweiz Geschäftsführer Dr. Robert Lettow

    Dr. Robert Lettow

    Management Scheer Schweiz AG