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Readiness Check vs. Simplification Item Check

Two useful tools when switching to SAP S/4HANA

SAP Readiness Check

SAP provides several helpful tools for switching to S/4HANA. One of them is the SAP Readiness Check, currently available in Version 2.0.

You can analyze the SAP ECC system quickly and easily and venture an initial estimation of the workload for a system conversion. The SAP Readiness Check 2.0 can even be seen as a tool for planning and supporting the entire project workflow.

In addition, for some issues it offers functions, such as HANA DB Sizing or the Fiori App Recommendation, not covered by other checks. For the SAP Readiness Check two reports must be executed in SAP ECC and uploaded to the SAP website. The results are displayed in the web browser.

SAP Simplification Item Check

The SAP Simplification Item Check, on the other hand, is a bit more specific, executing a report in SAP ECC. In contrast to the SAP Readiness Check, however, you receive the result locally and don't have to upload it to an SAP website.

The result is a list with all of the so-called Simplification Items affected by a system conversion, and their statuses. You can see exactly which objects, tables or functions will cause a problem for the system during a conversion. A helpful traffic light system provides information on the status. A red light prevents implementation of the system conversion by means of SUM (Software Update Manager).

In comparison

Both checks occur at different times in a system conversion project; while they refer to the same simplification list, they display the result with different levels of granularity.

While the SAP Readiness Check can already be run months before a system conversion, to begin planning the project and define the corresponding work packages, you must run the SAP Simplification Item Check during the system conversion, and indeed prior to the SUM process.

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The two tools consequently serve different purposes. We recommend running both checks as early as possible.

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