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A cloud journey around the world?

Digital transformation concerns not only you but each and every company, and therefore us as a service provider. That's why we'll be taking you on a cloud journey over the next few months.

We'll be looking at the different aspects of the cloud as a digitization platform both from a technical and from an entrepreneurial point of view – from head to toe, as it were. One major topic is always the integration or linking of different technologies and business models.

The time when IT was "only" a vicarious agent is long over. The connection between IT and business is becoming increasingly close, making silo mentality outmoded.

The way to the cloud is a straight line

Actually, the cloud is relatively easy to understand: You opt for one of the hyperscalers on the market, make a deposit by credit card, and then you can use the cloud – but what happens next?

If you wanted to have it simple, the digitalization would now be complete. But this is a fallacy.
Switching to the cloud alone does not provide digitalization. It's not just about exchanging the existing hardware platform but about restructuring the whole company. Change as an opportunity!

This transformation is more than just a technological decision, for it affects many different business sectors. To make the most of innovativeness, you need a framework that will provide processes and structures for linking and further developing the objective as well as all associated aspects and KPIs in the form of multiple iterations.

The cloud is not a black hole merely exhausting the company's credit card limit, but offers innovativeness and flexibility – especially regarding cost reduction, as is reflected in the ROI over a few months, which is sometimes very low. The transformation of capital expenditures (CapEx) into operational expenditures (OpEx) opens up completely new possibilities. They require rethinking IT, however, which we will consider in detail in subsequent articles.

The King is dead – long live the King!

Does this saying apply to the cloud as well?

Whether you can really call the cloud the new "King" of IT is not so clear here. IT has become more than just a server, a data center, a cloud platform, or a "vicarious agent" for your own business.

But the gist of the statement that "Everything stays the same" is not correct. Even though the cloud is increasingly making headway into IT departments in many companies, this will not and must not be the only change brought about by this change.

It's not that "the big ones are eating up the small ones", but rather that "the fast ones are eating up the slow ones." We must therefore embrace this change and provide employees with the necessary guard rails and resources, so that they can act quickly without sacrificing security and quality.

So why not say: "On-premises is dead – long live the cloud"?