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Process Mining Starter Box

Current challenges

  1. Digitalization or automation projects in preparation
  2. Lack of process efficiency, speed or quality
  3. Lack of process conformity or compliance

The solution

  • Process mining analysis of existing transaction data ("Measure")
  • Identification and elimination of process weaknesses ("Know&Act")
  • Tracking of process improvements ("Monitor")

The benefits

  • Detection of process weaknesses based on real transaction data
  • Elimination of process weaknesses without adjustments within the source system
  • Extensive transparency of the achievable return on investment

"With the Process Mining Starter Box, you create the foundation for sustainable process improvements combined with a convincing return on investment."

– Daniel Misof, Senior Expert Process & Management Consulting


6-8 weeks

Proof-of-Value for a process of choice
Service durability

1 year



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Daniel Misof

Expert Process & Management Consulting