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EU-GDPR assessment

Current challenges

  1. Ensuring GDPR compliance in SAP systems
  2. Managing data that is spread across multiple systems and modules
  3. Finding a balance among the GDPR, other legal requirements, and your enterprise's needs

The solution

  • Comprehensive examination of your distributed data using special tools for the analysis of personal data
  • Separation of the identified data into deletion classes
  • Scoping of the affected objects and data fields

The benefits

  • Transparency regarding the affected systems and data objects
  • Roadmap of the steps needed to achieve GDPR compliance
  • Specific solution proposal for implementation with SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

 GDPR assessments help our customers ensure that their data retention meets the relevant legal requirements – particularly across system boundaries – without the need for a lengthy project or high consulting fees.

– Oliver Leonhardt, Unit Leader, Master Data Management

Implementation time

Approx. 3-4 weeks


Starts at €19,000

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