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    EU General Data Protection Regulation

    What is at issue?

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) came into force on May 25, 2018. It regulates how businesses and government authorities are to handle personal data and replaces the previous EU directive from the year 1995. Those who fail to meet all the requirements of the EU GDPR risk incurring heavy fines. The regulation contains a variety of new information and documentation requirements and rights that have to be taken into account when processing data.

    The main focus of the EU GDPR is on strengthening the rights of data subjects with regard to the usage and storage of their data. It's therefore important that you analyze what data is affected and where and how it is used in order to create a procedure index for the handling of this data.

    How we can help you meet the new regulations

    Our portfolio includes the analysis of your data and business processes, and we'll also work with you on devising an EU GDPR strategy. In addition to designing a process, data, and procedure index, we'll develop a roadmap for the technical and organizational implementation of the measures defined. We'll then implement it together with you and support you in training your employees and raising their awareness of the new regulations and necessary processes. Legal advice on this topic is the only thing we don't provide.

    Do you need support in improving your data quality?

    With Scheer’s expertise and SAP Data Quality Management, you can improve your data quality significantly and continuously in no time at all.

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