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    Scheer is an official SAP Partner for SAP Datasphere Discovery Workshops

    We offer a wide variety of possibilities and BI solutions in the business analytics area – including cloud products based on the SAP Business Technology Platform. SAP Datasphere, the next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, is a comprehensive data service that gives every data professional seamless and scalable access to mission-critical business data.

    To give you the easiest possible path to SAP Datasphere, we’ll show you what the architecture of the future looks like (green path). You’ll also find out the fields in which Scheer offers specific services (such as workshops, Scheer Boxes, and more) and when a SAP Datasphere Discovery Workshop is recommended. The workshop aims to enable you to migrate from SAP Business Warehouse to SAP Datasphere.

    What does an SAP Datasphere Discovery Workshop contain and how is it structured?

    In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

    • Empower business users to conduct an A-Z self-service analysis
    • Transform your business warehouse into a cloud solution
    • Optimize use of the valuable SAP semantic data models


    • Identify use cases
    • Customer pilot
    • Propose architecture for data & analytics landscape

    Target group

    • Head of BI
    • Head of DWH/BW
    • Head of SAP Competence Center
    • Business key users

    What does Scheer offer?

    Unlock the full potential of your data with SAP Datasphere

    In this workshop, we’ll show you the possibilities that SAP Datasphere has to offer, based on a procedure established by SAP, and how you can capture its full potential. SAP Datasphere is a cloud-based, “self-service” data warehouse that follows these principles:

    Connect SAP and non-SAP sources with SAP Datasphere.

    Improve your IT landscape by supporting a multi-cloud approach and modern API interfaces.

    BW Bridge
    Adapt SAP BW to SAP Datasphere as an opportunity for reuse and enhancement.

    E2E integration
    Use Overall Analytics and Planning in combination with SAP Analytics Cloud.

    Self-service approach
    Improve your business to model data scenarios.

    Innovative data exchange
    Use SAP Data Marketplace to discover the many data templates.

    Business content
    Use preconfigured templates from SAP and its partners for a variety of business use cases.

    Data replication
    Integration replication workflows for higher development speed.

    Semantic modeling
    Go to the next level of valuation and use semantic modeling instead of merely syntactic.

    Data governance
    Evaluate the options of a new data governance catalog.

    Together, we can tailor the workshop to your needs

    Implement a pilot use case

    Use templates to capture maximum business benefit

    Place self-service analytics with business users

    Free 90-day test version provided

    Develop a business analytics path for the future

    Demonstration of BW system migration to SAP Datasphere

    How you’ll benefit with Scheer

    • End-to-end process handling and comprehensive process expertise in each and every business department
    • Extensive technological expertise (theoretical and practical) in business intelligence and business analytics
    • A combination of professional knowledge and technological expertise through our extensive experience in a variety of projects

    Take part in a workshop and capture your full potential!

    Our methodology

    Preparation call (3h remote)

    • Definition of the setup
    • Preparation work

    Discovery day (4h in person)

    • Identification of value drivers
    • Presentation of demonstrator
    • Identification of pilot use case
    • Understanding of status quo architecture

    Pilot phase

    • Provision of instances
    • Onboarding
    • (Bi-)weekly calls
    • Implement and test pilot use case

    Recommendation day

    • Presentation of results
    • Conduct review
    • Discuss the next steps

    Your expert

    Ein Portrait von Scheer Mitarbeiter Stephan Jacobs

    Stephan Jacobs

    Expert Business Analytics