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  • Introduction of SAP S/4HANA with Focus on Accounting

    Introduction of SAP S/4HANA with Focus on Accounting

    at Ender diagnostics

    Aussicht auf Bern (Standort von ender)
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    ender diagnostics AG is a Swiss company headquartered in Bern that specializes in the development of molecular diagnostic test kits for the detection of infectious COVID-19 positive carriers. The products developed and manufactured in Switzerland allow mass testing of all individuals who may spread the virus and accelerate the pandemic.

    The Challenge

    • Very rapid growth, which the initially implemented IT systems could no longer support
    • Business processes are no longer optimally supported
    • Massive increase in manual effort and increased susceptibility to errors
    • Growth plans, reorganization of the corporate structure and expansion of the business model from test manufacturer to full-service provider for the blood diagnostics process cannot be implemented

    The Solution

    • Fast migration to future-proof ERP (SAP S/4HANA)
    • Financial accounting live and ready for use after only 8 weeks

    The Benefit

    • Professional and scalable support for business processes
    • Future-proof system for problem-free further expansion
    • Minimization of error susceptibility through significant reduction of manual efforts
    • Faster processes through end-to-end digitalization
    • Greater transparency in financial accounting
    Sacha Léchot, Aviation Solutions Manager bei ender diagnostics, und Robert Lettow, General Manager, Scheer Switzerland im Austausch

    Lars Birkmann
    CFO ender diagnostics ag

    We were able to achieve our ambitious goal of go-live after 8 weeks on schedule with our professional partner Scheer. Now Ender is well prepared for the future development of the company.

    Lars Birkmann

    Our journey is not yet over: A transformation project will follow, in which warehousing and production will be organized more efficiently. More news coming soon!

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    Ein Portrait von Scheer Schweiz Geschäftsführer Dr. Robert Lettow

    Dr. Robert Lettow

    Management Scheer Schweiz AG