Cloud Advisory


Which cloud strategy is the right one?


You want to get into the cloud securely and cost-efficiently?


Does cloud migration present you with major challenges?


You want to take advantage of the cloud’s potential in the future as well?

Start your cloud journey with the right partner

The possibilities offered by the cloud are as complex and fast-moving as they are numerous. But how can you find the right cloud strategy among so many offers on the market? And how can you integrate that strategy in your existing processes? A universal concept does not exist. But with the right partner at your side, who has a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of the subject, you too will find the suitable strategy.

Trust our experienced advisors: As part of the Scheer Cloud Journey, we offer a comprehensive Cloud Advisory portfolio and will join you in developing a cloud strategy tailored to your needs. Geared to your individual needs and requirements, we will accompany you on your journey into the cloud.

Travel successfully into the cloud with our Cloud Advisory programs

Our Cloud Advisory portfolio offers comprehensive “travel equipment” with the aim of bringing you into the cloud efficiently and securely.

Enterprise Architecture

Any travel planning begins with determining the destination. On the cloud journey, specification of the concrete corporate objectives provides a crucial foundation. As part of the Enterprise Architecture program, the individual components of the corporate architecture as well as the future goals are illuminated in a process-oriented way. On this basis, we devise a comprehensive concept for your cloud journey.

Workforce Enablement

A desired destination can be actually reached only with a functioning crew. Your cloud journey also crucially depends on your employees. The Workforce Enablement program will optimally prepare your crew for this journey with the aid of numerous methods and tools for transferring knowledge and motivation as well as change management.

Cloud Security & Compliance

As on every travel, security is also of crucial importance for the cloud journey. The delta assessment in the Cloud Security & Compliance  program determines technical security risks as well as regulatory requirements. On this basis we will develop a security and compliance concept geared to your specific situation.

Cost Management

On any journey, including the cloud journey, costs play a fundamental role. Innovative, use-based accounting models in the cloud afford fully new possibilities. The Cost Management program itself indicates the potential of comprehensive cost controlling as well as recommendations for sustainably optimizing investments.

Migration Management

To arrive at your destination, you need a reliable plan, a functioning navigation system and a dependable means of transport. On your cloud journey, specialists will apply the Migration Management program with their state-of-the-art migration tools. The aim is to bring your systems into the cloud fast and secure with as few restrictions for your business operations as possible.

Innovation Potential

IT systems are subject to constant change. Your cloud journey will therefore require further stages in the future. Our Innovation Potential program will show you the latest functions, features and services of the cloud, for optimally configuring your IT strategies and projects.

Together, we will find the suitable cloud strategy for you

Companies have not only very specific needs and requests, but also the greatest variety of conditions and cloud maturity levels. One thing is clear: A travel guide is recommendable in any case.

By means of our three “cloud journey models” and the elements anchored therein, we will also find the right strategy for your company. Together, we will define all necessary services as well as the most efficient approach.

What type of traveler is your company?

The Interested Starter


Status quo:

  • You consider transformation to the cloud essential for the future.
  • You may already have individual cloud services in operation.
  • But you have not yet settled on a clear cloud strategy.

We will advise you comprehensively and take over the entire planning and implementation of your cloud journey.
The implementation process will complete the defined phases and elements in their specified order.

The Advanced User


Status quo:

  • Your cloud strategy has not yet been fully defined.
  • The transformation in your company has not yet begun.

Together, we will tailor your cloud journey to your requests and requirements. We will lay down clear objectives and boundary conditions, while you determine the time frame. The high level of flexibility also allows adjustments to be made during the journey.

The Experienced Professional


Status quo:

  • You rely on a comprehensive cloud-first strategy.
  • The transformation is already well underway in your company.
  • But you lack individual elements for fully implementing your cloud strategy.

During your cloud journey, we will be on hand at all times to advise you on any missing or urgently needed elements.

Why trust Scheer with Cloud Advisory?

  • We are the process experts, and pursue a comprehensive cloud vision.
  • We combine process-oriented thinking, industry-specific expertise and deep knowledge about the cloud.
  • For each customer situation, we offer a universal entry level and provide precise solutions.
  • You will profit from partnerships with our cloud partners and companies from the Scheer Innovation Network.
  • We have successfully implemented numerous projects and our own cloud transformation.