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Whitepaper: Quick Process Implementation

4 Steps to a Business Process App

In a time of rapid innovation cycles, the use of standardised software solutions alone is no longer sufficient for the optimal support of employees in the implementation of new ideas, processes and strategies. The age of Industry 4.0 requires flexible and agile software architectures in order to react promptly, for example, to individual customer wishes or changing business models. In having these nevertheless, the benefit of a controlled application should not be lost sight of.

This paper describes the new rules for application systems and, with Scheer BPaaS, introduces a solution which integrates high flexibility with the governance and standardisation of an ERP solution. With the help of Scheer BPaaS employees are enabled, independent of time and location, to map, implement, amend and execute processes making full use of Cloud potential and comprehensive controls.


01     Bringing processes to life: from impulse to innovation
02     App Evolution: The new rules for business applications
03     A Process App in 4 Steps – How to get your ideas on the street
04     Case studies: Process Apps in practice
05     About Scheer BPaaS

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