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Digital Supplier Network

Current challenges

  1. Slow, error-prone, cost-intensive processes for exchanging business documents that suffer from media fragmentation
  2. Employees are involved in a typical invoice process, resulting in redundant invoice processing and delayed payments
  3. Uncertainty with regard to order confirmations, shipping notifications, and delivery status

The solution

  • Collaboration with digital suppliers along your supply chain with SAP Digital Supplier Network
  • Simple, affordable access to the largest B2B supplier portal
  • Native integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC

The benefits

  • Shared use of business documents in real time, which reduces operating costs and the time required for administration
  • Transparency for suppliers and customers within a single network portal
  • Streamlined processes and configurable business rules result in greater productivity in your purchasing and financial accounting departments

 SAP Digital Supplier Network is the world’s largest B2B trading platform. When you have Scheer handle your implementation, your solution will be ready to use quickly and deliver a high ROI in very little time. You’ll benefit from optimized processes and high productivity.

– Sven Haustein, Head of Spend Management

Implementation time

Approx. 3-12 weeks


Starts at €19,000

plus any necessary SAP licenses

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