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RPA Starter Box

Current challenges

  1. Automation of application-based process activities often a set goal, but no successful launch without success-oriented conception
  2. Lack of understanding and framework of effective and ROI-oriented piloting
  3. Lack of efficiency in handling manual steps causes high costs and increases the susceptibility to errors
  4. Routine tasks burden employees, leaving them less time for more important activities

The solution

RPA Potential Analysis:

  • Specification & modeling of the process profiles
  • Digitization of data (NLP*-Check)
  • Effort determination: licenses and development
  • ROI analysis: evaluation and prioritization

RPA Maturity Analysis:

  • Infrastructure and security
  • Governance and data protection
  • Release and lifecycle management
  • Roadmap reconciliation

The benefits

  • Favorable license offers
  • Business concept and re-design
  • Basis of future operating model
  • ROI-based roadmap: Common target picture for business and IT


„Expert design, success-oriented planning and transparent ROI evaluation are indispensable pillars of your RPA success."

– Jalal Belhilali, Expert Robotic Process Automation

*NLP: Natural Language Processing

Offer for 1 process

Implementation time

4 days



Offer for 2 processes

Implementation time

7 days



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Jalal Belhilali

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