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Analytics Roadmap Workshop

Current challenges

  1. Do you want to merge your reporting and enterprise planning on a single platform?
  2. Do you need an overview of SAP Analytics Cloud?
  3. Do you want to know your options in order to make the right decisions?

The solution

  • Workshops tailored to your specific situation, with documented results you can use

The benefits

  • Conception and definition of meaningful SAC planning scenarios
  • Realization of potential usage scenarios for SAC planning at your enterprise
  • Build expertise in SAP SAC planning
  • Establish data flows and planning environments
  • Analyze benefits for your enterprise
  • Recommendations on subsequent steps: roadmap including effort, expansion
    , and use of SAP SAC
  • Closing presentation of PoC results

 The proof of concept for planning in SAP Analytics Cloud not only makes the many benefits of the solution transparent for our customers; it also demonstrates the individual added value for every single customer based on specific practical examples.

– Stephanie Hafendörfer, Account Manager, SAP Competence Center


2 days



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