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  • Business analytics & intelligence

    Business analytics & intelligence

    Make decisions the right way!

    Analytics solutions from SAP support enterprises in gleaning insights from a robust foundation of data in order to make sound decisions. Here, new forecasting technologies (predictive analytics) can improve your business processes. High-performance database solutions enable real-time analyses in virtual environments based on big data, which can even include the integration of unstructured data in data lakes.

    We provide our customers with methodological expertise in conducting organizational, technical, and architectural analyses in all phases of their projects. In connection with SAP analytics applications, we can help you navigate through the complex web of hybrid architecture solutions in the areas of ERP, analytics, and data warehouse solution. We can also work with you on orchestrating the interaction between operational and strategic queries in an efficient and transparent manner.

    Aleksandar Babic
    Team Lead, Business Analytics

    “As Confucius said, ‘Study the past, if you would divine the future’ – and that’s what makes business and predictive analytics so exciting!”

    Aleksandar Babic
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    Our consulting expertise

    Analytics & BI with Scheer

    Do you want to use SAP technologies and solutions to set up a new analytics landscape,  define KPI architectures for efficient reporting,  or develop an appropriate SAP licensing strategy? Would you like to use AI algorithms for predictive intelligence in business rules, create extensive reporting structures and analytics applications (including in mobile environments), or get started on the topic of enterprise planning?

    We can give you process-oriented advice on all aspects of analytics issues and support you on your way to innovative BI solutions in SAP analytics – be it in an S/4HANA assessment, a BW/HANA assessment, or in designing and realizing SAP HANA solutions for data warehousing (BW/4HANA, Data Warehouse Cloud). In the S/4HANA Embedded Analytics framework, we can develop customer-specific Fiori solutions for you and act as your competent advisor on the construction of both extensive cloud solutions and on-premise analytics architectures.

    In Business Objects and SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP offers powerful tools for building extensive reporting structures and analytics applications. Our years of experience give you the foundation you need to develop the optimal migration scenario for your enterprise. You also have the option of using the Scheer Academy to prepare everyone involved for their new tasks with training based on their particular needs.

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    Everything from a single source: licenses, implementation, and operations/support

    Data warehouse

    SAP Data Warehouse Cloud


    BW modernization and migration

    BW/4HANA assessments


    Discovery and strategy workshops

    Such as analytics strategy

    Analytics architecture

    Reporting front-ends

    Reporting, planning & Predictive SAP Analytics Cloud

    Analysis for Microsoft Office

    SAP Lumira Designer

    S/4HANA Embedded Analytics

    Operational real-time reporting

    Fiori analytics apps

    Embedded BW

    Hosting, licenses, AMS

    Installation & configuration

    Hosting on MS Azure (for instance)

    Managed services

    Analytics & BI – consulting packages

    Take advantage of our strategy and product workshops, assessments, BI roadmaps, and proofs of concept and combine them into your own tailored consulting package.

    We’ll find the best path for your digital transformation together!

    Discovery workshops:

    • SAP Analytics Cloud

    • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

    • SAP BW/4HANA

    • SAP S/4HANA (Cloud) Embedded Analytics

    Strategy assessment:

    • BI & Analytics Assessment for S/4HANA

    • Enterprise BI & Analytics Strategy 

    • SAP BW/4HANA Assessment

    • SAP Analytics Cloud Reporting

    • Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud

    • SAP Data Warehouse Assessment

    Proof of concept:

    • SAP Analytics Cloud – Reporting & Planning

    • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

    Online Sessions

    SAP Analytics Cloud

    Online Session (German only)

    Your expert

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    Aleksandar Babic

    Expert Business Analytics