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  • Master data management & business analytics

    Master data management & business analytics

    Master data management and business analytics/intelligence are inseparable. Since valid data is essential to making sound decisions, these areas represent the foundation of your business success. Are these topics already part of your business strategy? We can give you dependable advice in both areas.

    In the case of master data management, we'll show you why this often-neglected subject deserves your attention. Valid and accurate data is, of course, at the heart of every successful enterprise. It forms the basis for the flexible execution of your business models. This involves selecting and combining the “right” data, as well as ensuring its quality. After all, how can an enterprise be expected to make sound decisions if its data is outdated or it selects the wrong data for analysis? Our experienced MDM team is looking forward to supporting you in the development and execution of your master data strategy – with extensive SAP S/4HANA expertise and Scheer's standards of quality.

    Based on a solid master data strategy, we can also advise you in all the aspects of business analytics and intelligence with a focus on your business processes and help you on your way to achieving innovative BI solutions in the SAP analytics environment. We give enterprises like yours endless ways to combine and analyze the right data intelligently in order to make data-driven decisions in a variety of areas. Whether it's integrated enterprise planning, predictive analytics for reliable forecasts, or a variety of other topics – we have the right tools for you!

    At Scheer, we support our customers from the development of data strategies to the implementation of innovative technological solutions. Our projects combine knowledge of business processes with in-depth technical expertise.

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