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    Scheer Academy

    Our Range of Services

    Our Courses

    We offer your employees standard courses on the following topics:

    • Project management
    • Business process management
    • Other management topics

    We'll work with you to develop qualification measures as project-related, customized SAP courses within the context of an SAP implementation project for your SAP E2E processes:

    Scheer Academy Topics
    • Customer relationship management
    • Supplier relationship management
    • Supply chain management
    • Financials & controlling
    • Business intelligence & planning
    • Master data management
    • Human capital management

    SAP project training

    • SAP project preparation: project tool training
    • SAP test preparation: E2E business process training
    • SAP training for user acceptance tests
    • SAP end-user training
    • Customer-specific SAP training according to a training concept

    Business process management

    • Fundamentals of business process management
    •  Business process modeling and analysis
    • Becoming a high-performance organization with business process management
    • Business process management (compact)
    • Innovations in business process management

    Other management topics

    • Implementation of corporate strategies
    • Strategic IT management
    • Digital transformation
    • Professional change management
    • Design thinking
    •  Customer journey mapping

    Project management

    •  Project management according to PMI® – basic course
    •  Project management according to PMI® – advanced course
    • Project management according to PMI® – compact course
    •  Project management – project simulation
    •  Agile project management with scrum & kanban

    Services for project-specific SAP training courses

    In SAP implementation projects, we design learning journeys for our customers' employees and managers. These are based on new SAP-supported business processes and the different user roles and authorizations in our customers' SAP systems. During your project, we'll design your training courses to provide the participants with the best possible preparation for SAP and your decisions regarding the solution being implemented. Before each project phase, courses will familiarize your employees with the required knowledge. Scheer designs and develops qualification measures along with our customers. We also plan and carry out corresponding training courses. Knowledge transfer is evaluated on the basis of measurements and corresponding measures are implemented in line with the results.

    A didactic learning concept

    Scheer Academy creates training concepts for its customers that include modern forms of training, such as blended learning. In doing so, we rely on the tools of an entire learning ecosystem that's ideally suited to the training goals of your company's employees. We support you in the design and development of training courses and provide our standard courses (e.g. in project management) according to the PMI method. We plan and carry out training courses for your employees. Furthermore, we support you in setting up a knowledge database to ensure that you retain the knowledge you acquire.

    Further Information on Scheer Academy

    Scheer PAS Academy

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    With the self-study tutorials from Scheer PAS, you'll learn step by step how to model with BPaaS and mobile.

    For the BRIDGE component, tutorials on the rapid development of bridge services are available for self-study.

    A step-by-step guide to BPMN modeling of BRIDGE components can be found here, and a tutorial on developing user interfaces can be found here.

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