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  • Easy Remote Everything

    Easy Remote Everything

    Easy Remote Everything | Cloud Productivity | Modern Workplace as a Service

    Your workplace of the future

    Productivity – anytime, anywhere, on any device!

    No matter where your employees are, they can work quickly, productively, and securely thanks to the automation of processes.

    Cost savings and transparency

    Transparent cost models (e.g. pay-as-you-go models or subscriptions) mean that cost-intensive and technical preparations are no longer necessary.

    Employee satisfaction

    Rigid workplace structures are dissolved, leaving room for individual requirements. Employees are involved in the long term.

    The War for Talent

    Applicants have a strong interest in their potential future workplaces. This is where having the latest tools can help you shine as a company in initial job interviews.

    As a Microsoft partner with multiple certifications, we're the right people to talk to about cloud productivity and will work with you to find the optimum solution or strategy for your company. And you don’t need to worry about your data security. We'll protect your data and ensure compliance with the GDPR, the CLOUD Act, and other related requirements.

    Working together to design the workplace of the future

    Microsoft Azure logo

    Microsoft Azure 

    Azure is the Microsoft cloud platform. It enables customers to provide or manage applications and services (Compute, Storage, AppFabric, Virtual Network, Content Delivery Network) openly, flexibly, and quickly via the worldwide Microsoft network.

    Office 365 Cloud logo (a cloud)

    Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 allows you to provide your employees with a uniform, up-to-date, and cross-platform Office package (incl. tools). This not only increases productivity through faster and more uniform communication, but also simplifies collaboration many times over. Different plans offer licensing options tailored to your needs.

    MS Teams as Cloud Solution logo

    Microsoft Teams

    Teams allows employees to work on projects across locations and departments. In addition to smart task management, progress reports can be viewed and all relevant data can be stored. Microsoft Teams also serves as a comprehensive tool for messaging and calling (IM, VOIP, video). Furthermore, Teams offers the possibility to invite external partners to collaborate on a project. The necessary licenses are already included in the Microsoft E3 and E5 license models.

    Virtual Desktop logo

    Windows Virtual Desktop

    Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a dedicated service for desktop and application virtualization or provision. It runs entirely in the cloud. WVD includes the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with easy management, multiple sessions in Windows 10, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus, and support for RDS environments. The necessary licenses are already included in the Microsoft E3 and E5 license models. Only the costs of the instances in Azure have to be paid. Functions for security and compliance are integrated into Azure.

    Your expert

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    Martin Rosahl

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