Change Management

Globalization and the continuous increase in regulations are bringing ever quicker change cycles to your business.

Your processes and the systems supporting them must be permanently enhanced in order to meet these challenges.

We accompany you as an equal partner and, with our wealth of experience, help you to implement your requirements quickly.

Merging, splitting and spinning off

The buying or selling of companies, splitting into sub groups or the founding of new businesses bring multiple challenges. We help you to adapt your organisation, as well as your applications and processes to your new situation, simply, and in a structured way. Our process expertise will secure your success.

Re-organisation of structural units

Are you changing your sales structure or building a new warehouse? We advise you from the initial idea up to the implementation into your systems. We help you with our process expertise, our ARIS methodology as well as with our knowledge of your systems through our dedicated core team.

New implementation of processes

Are you expanding your product or services portfolio? A new process, based on quite differing fundamentals will affect your systems and organization. As early as the design phase we support you with our methodology so that, right from the very beginning, you can consider all aspects and your implementation runs smoothly.

Rollout to new business units

You are rolling out a new system and discover that support and simultaneous roll-out are overloading your employees. Our experienced consultants can help you with the roll-out and, at the same time, ease the pressure on your support team. From covering peak loads to the complete outsourcing of services, we offer you various solutions to suit your needs.


Dr. Olaf Homburg

Head of Cross Industry Consulting

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Daniel Misof

Head of ARIS Managed Services

Scheer GmbH
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