Smart Production

The importance of shop-floor management with the digitization of production processes

Shopfloor management as pathfinder towards the digital factory

Shopfloor management stands for the idea of ensuring, or increasing, production efficiency through the most concrete measures possible. To achieve this goal, a tool-set of processes, rules, behaviour, methods and systems is required such as is found today in diverse forms in discrete manufacturing. Predominant in this are however local, individual and heterogeneous solutions. The challenge, in the context of Industry 4.0, is to view shop-floor management as a component part of the complete supply chain and to link this purposefully with all participating systems.

The right path for newcomers and optimizers in shop-floor management

To find the right path you need to know where you are going! We support you in the process of evaluating and prioritizing shopfloor management solutions based on good and best practice examples as well as process reference models (IPR) from your sector. Experienced manufacturing specialists help you to identify the potential for more efficient production procedures and to develop future proof IT architectures with the help of IT and application experts. The realization that follows, from machine connectivity to ERP integration, will be completed by our experienced project managers, SAP manufacturing consultants and, if needed, by our MES and automation partners.

The process decides the shopfloor management system solution!

Solutions for shopfloor management systems can be categorized broadly as platform based (e.g. SAP MII/ME), product based (e.g. FORCAM FORCE) or as individual solutions. Decisive for your company are the processes deriving from your strategic aims, the integration necessary in the complete supply chain and the return on investment. Scheer possesses expertise in all these areas and supports you in the search for the right solution.

Intelligent worker management

Automatic follow-up activities and options for next procedural steps derive from the availability of all relevant information from the planning specification (target) and the current situation (actual). In this, the worker is led individually through the production process in terms of an assistance system. This way, increases in efficiency through time savings and the avoidance of errors can be achieved.

Real time monitoring

Important data about the status and progress of the production process can be gained from the connectivity of data from production plant and sensors with plan specification data from an ERP system. It is important that key data, such as OEE, is calculated and made transparent in real time. This way, the data has an immediate controlling effect on the production process. Scheer supports you in the choice of the right tools and key data appropriate for the control of your manufacturing process.

Quality improvement

Shopfloor management systems help improve quality by reacting immediately to deviations. Through targeted exfiltration in a re-working/rectification area, or through process locking, variations in quality can be minimized. With predictive analytics an approach is followed which recognizes and remedies variations in quality early, and even before they occur. Scheer consultants support you in the design of the right solution for your usage scenario.

Action tracking

Which data basis is your KVP process built on? Do you use the same system for causal analysis and action tracking and can you derive automatic rules and recommendations for action out of historic values?

Scheer supports you with the more effective design of your KVP process through digitization and networking with MES and ERP systems.

Factor of success


Set realistic targets

Scheer supports you with the development of ideas into implementable processes through:

  • Maturity level analysis of Shop-floor Management
  • Identification of potential for digitization in manufacturing
  • Evaluation of benefit potential

Choose the right platform

Which criteria are important in choosing the right platform?

Scheer advises you on alternative SAP architectures and your usage scenarios.

Which automation solutions make sense and how can they be integrated with IoT and SAP S/4HANA?


Agility in implementation

Achieve and evaluate tangible results faster. Continue the pursuit of the good and put a stop to activities detrimental to success.

This is how Scheer practices agility in all that it does. Make use of our pre-defined best practices and system solutions to reach your goals faster.


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