Smart (predictive) Maintenance

The networking of the Internet of Things and Big Data with classic core business processes

From sensor data to process in terms of “insight-to-action”

It is increasingly important for companies to avoid unplanned machine down-time and to service and repair machines predictively and in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. Service specialists should be on-site within a pre-determined time to look for, and resolve, faults and their aim should be to achieve a 100% first-time-fix rate. This necessitates the strong interaction between all participants and systems involved in the process, from the machine operator to the service provider as well as the machine manufacturer. Connect the worlds of the Internet of Things with classic core business processes in terms of “insight-to-action” and act soon to implement your Industry 4.0 project.

Increase productivity through data mining solutions (predictive analytics)

Intelligent analyses such as „predictive analytics” enhance or replace the search for causality (for example with product FMEA) through the search for correlation (error pattern recognition), in other words the identification and analysis of differing correlations when evaluating products. We offer integrated support with the analysis of your process and product data with self-learning data-mining solutions for predictive analysis. The findings (Alerts) can be implemented efficiently and in real time in the relevant ERP core business processes as an organizational measure. The factor for success in this lies in the (company-wide) interplay of all participants in the process and the integration of ITK systems.

Scheer Digital Business Solution Industry 4.0

The Scheer Digital Business Solution Industry 4.0 offers an agile solution for the collaborative maintenance of plant and machinery. In the digitized service process various participants such as data scientists, service managers and service technicians work together collaboratively using an immediately adaptable business application. A process memory collects and stores information and prepares it in the form of action recommendations for future service processes so that machine downtime resulting from technical and organisational interruptions can be significantly reduced.

Quick implementation with Scheer PAS

The solution is based on Scheer PAS architecture which combines the benefits of high flexibility with the governance of standard software. Scheer PAS makes it possible to implement ideas, processes and strategies independent of time and place with the help of business process apps – with high levels of control and making full use of cloud potential.

Added value for process participants

  • Improved profitability and lower service costs
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Higher levels of plant effectiveness (availability, performance and quality)
  • Lower maintenence costs
  • Faster reaction to alarm signals and errors

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