GAIA-X – Last Call for the Digital Transformation in Europe


Within the project GAIA-X French and German representatives of politics, business and science together with other European partners have set themselves the goal to establish a secure, efficient, competitive and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe.

Dr. Sabine Wilfling, Head of Strategy and Transformation at Scheer GmbH, explains what is currently slowing Europe down and how GAIA-X will build a sovereign European data infrastructure.


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Dr. Sabine Wilfling, Head of Strategy & Transformation at Scheer GmbH, illustrates on the blog of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy why GAIA-X promotes innovation and the digital transformation in Europe.

GAIA-X provides the foundation for fast change and agility with paradigm shift from data silos to data ecosystems. To lift the full potential, we need a mind-set shift. New forms of collaboration and innovative ideas can only emerge and grow in an ecosystem of trust. Smart Advanced Services built on such connected ecosystems are business process disrupters driving business innovation cross and within sectors.

– Dr. Sabine Wilfling

Read the full article on the blog of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy or on the GAIA-X Website.

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