Scheer Catalog

The quick and lean catalogue solution

A key element of the Scheer E-Procurement offer is the integration and management of supplier catalogues as well as the graphic illustration of approval processes (including complex ones).

In all process variations we tailor our solution to your needs and system landscape.

The Scheer catalogue is a quick to adapt catalogue management system for use in differing IT environments. The purchasing solution offers a wide range of functions for the mapping and implementation of your E-Procurement processes

  • Catalogue data import (incl. staging and transport into the productive system
  • Catalogue search as full text search across all catalogues
  • Detailed search, limitable to defined catalogues, fields etc.
  • Hierarchical product navigation (navigation tree depiction)
  • Clear presentation of search results in list or tile views
  • Price determination incl. accounting for pricing scales
  • Product comparison
  • Shopping basket function
  • Views (catalogue based allocation)
  • Data mapping (enrichment and adaptation of catalogue data)
  • Multi-currency capable
  • Integration of external catalogues (Punch-out, OCI)
  • Integration with SAP MM
  • Integration SAP SRM
  • Standardization of the procurement process
  • Minimal implementation effort
  • Simple catalogue management
  • Reduction in supplier prices
  • Scalable as required
  • Improved ease of use/convenience for employees
  • Transfer of shopping basket to SAO SRM, SAP MM or other systems

Free text forms

Our solution frees you of all restrictions in the design of your forms. You design the layout and the contents of your free-text forms graphically and without any programming effort. In addition you can easily allocate products, product groups and catalogues etc. to the forms.

The form solution is seamlessly integrated into the Scheer Catalogue and can be used from other systems such as SAP MM or SRM.

With Scheer PAS you don‘t have to start with a “blank canvas” for the creation of your forms. Pre-configured order forms are provided with the solution. They can be used immediately or be adapted individually to the requirements of the consumer, the purchasing organisation and the supplier. In addition, forms can be generated automatically based on existing catalogue data.

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