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Scheer BPaaS – Process Apps 4

Scheer BPaaS is a cloud based solution for the planning, optimisation, realisation and implementation of business processes.

With Process Apps 4 specialist departments and IT employees are able to realise new business models and strategies with agility and in just a short time. The focus is on users who will enjoy a completely new user experience thanks to high levels of customisation, context sensitive user guidance, one-click navigation, drag & drop design and intuitive, responsive user and content elements. A clearly arranged, customisable cockpit makes rights-dependent and tailor-made information available to the user and shows their to-do list. The creation of process models and process controlled, intelligent business applications (so called process apps) is possible without programming knowledge. Pre-configured plug and- play interfaces enable the simple integration of third party systems such as SAP. Process memory stores all changes and enables an overview of all process relevant data, thus helping with the continuous improvement of your processes.

Create business process applications with a completely new user experience!

BPaaS Cockpit

Ultimate control of your processes and applications

The BPaaS cockpit offers users a personalised starting point with rights-related content. The creation and administration of processes, projects and applications is simple. Content can be reduced to the essentials with the help of filters. Real-time search enables direct navigation to the desired content. The cockpit can be extended individually to include functions such as the task monitor or notifications. A minimised, clear user-interface design as well as numerous context-sensitive user elements and content elements lead the user along their processes to their objectives.

Process Design

Intuitive Modelling of your business processes

Depict your business processes and innovations simply and directly with the new graphic model designer based on EPK. A wide range of modelling elements such as functions, events, connectors, systems, data, templates and roles are available. Modelling elements can be simply positioned and connected to each other by drag & drop or context menu. Automatic edge guides and context sensitive choice of objects makes the depiction of process steps simple for the user. Numerous import and export possibilities, such as the import of BPMM 2.0 or JSON models, allow the further use and synchronisation of models or organisation structures. For example, you can import ARIS models, adapt them and render them fit for implementation in line with the application design. The creation of an organigram is also simple.

Application Design

Simple creation and adaptation of intelligent business applications

Application Design allows the intuitive creation of process controlled, responsive business applications based on EPK models. Enrich your existing process models with application elements – so called forms – and implement your processes at the click of a mouse. Within individual forms you can design the interface of your business application functionally and optically.

Process Integration

Smart networking of your systems

Alongside business processes and applications, integration processes can be illustrated and implemented by drag & drop. Ready-made integration elements enable the quick and trouble free integration of third party systems, for example the integration of ERP systems. The E2E-restifier for SAP enables synchronous access to SAP. Based on JavaScript, system interfaces can be implemented individually. Numerous B2B standards such as OCI, BPMN 2.0 or SWIFT are supported.

Process Memory

Highly transparent and continuous process improvements

Ensure continuous process improvements with ultimate transparency over your processes and applications. Thanks to our innovative Execution Engine the direct implementation and adaptation of processes and applications for the agile and quick implementation of improvements and innovations is possible.

Intelligent process memory combines the logging and evaluation of data. All the condition changes and data changes you want will be automatically protocolled. Wide ranging information is held about process flow, capacity, user information, versioning, changes, correlations and error notifications.

Scheer BPaaS offers a range of security measures for the protection of your sensitive data. Thanks to authentication processes, stress tests, persistence, secure domains and many other protective mechanisms the highest levels of security are guaranteed.

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