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Gothaer migrates to the cloud – with SAP on Azure

With 4.1 million members and premium incomes totaling 4.4 billion euros, Gothaer is one of the largest insurance groups in Germany. The Gothaer Group offers multifarious protection concepts to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to the self-employed and freelancers. In doing so, Gothaer emphasizes high-quality and personalized customer advising. In 2020 Gothaer is celebrating its 200th anniversary, making it one of the oldest mutual insurance associations in Germany.

We are not afraid of any challenge


Accompanying a regulated company on its way to the cloud

We have elevated our client Gothaer to a whole new level – despite strict regulations.
Supporting a company in the insurance and financial service sector along the way into the cloud involves many challenges. Flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency, as well as security and compliance aspects, must all be taken into account and result in a very high level of complexity.

  • As an insurance group, Gothaer has very high demands on security & compliance.
  • Dynamic system utilization and changes in business requirements at short notice require a flexible, agile and future-proof IT platform.
  • Also required is an exact adaptation of the solution to the upstream project phases and the support processes necessary for secure, high-performance and reliable operation.

Why Scheer as a partner?

As a leading company with SAP on Azure and as an experienced SAP partner, Scheer forms the perfect link between Gothaer, Microsoft and SAP. The constant availability of experts renders expansion of internal expertise on Microsoft Azure and SAP operation unnecessary at the customer’s end.
Support from the experts of Scheer Cloud Managed Services eliminates the complexity and allows Gothaer to focus on its core business – insuring its members.

As an insurance company, we are subject to strict regulatory requirements, as is well known. Scheer was a suitable partner for us, who undoubtedly not only has the necessary know-how, but was also open to our needs for special contractual regulations at all times and was always willing to find constructive solutions in this regard. This also enables us to offer the users of our systems more performant and flexible solutions.

-Dr. Gerd Börker, Director of Data & Integration Services, Gothaer Systems GmbH

How Gothaer benefits from the Scheer solution

With our support, Gothaer was able to go forward with its comprehensive digitization strategy and develop a central DWH digitization platform based on SAP BW/4HANA and SAP BO in Azure. This enables Gothaer to adapt to changes in the business world. Together, we have undertaken extreme efforts to ensure data security at all times. Scheer’s management of the SAP systems hosted on Azure ensures secure and reliable operations. Gothaer can then focus on developing new business processes and improving existing ones. What used to take hours, now requires just a few minutes.

In sum, our client enjoys the following benefits:

  1. 1.One partner for all SAP matters from one team with one central contact.
  2. 2.Compliance with security & compliance specifications
  3. 3.Flexible scalability of resources
  4. 4.Increased innovation and productivity through a central platform
  5. 5.Savings through dynamic adaptation of utilized IT resources and consequently a lasting reduction of IT costs

Your easy move to Azure – with Scheer!

A large number of our customers from the widest variety of sectors have worked in the past with SAP ERP – hosted either at their own computer center or at Scheer’s. New solutions for old problems can now be offered on Azure, new services are becoming available and software innovation is underway. For more information, read our Microsoft Customer Success Story.