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Data security and high availability for frischli – withSAP on Azure

frischli Milchwerke GmbH is one of the most advanced and efficient dairies in Germany. For over 100 years the owner-run company has been manufacturing milk products meeting the highest standards on quality, sustainability and taste. As a healthy and versatile food, the raw material milk is the most important basis of all products for frischli. Over 1000 agriculturists from the respective regions of the three locations in Rehburg-Loccum, Weißenfels and Eggenfelden supply their milk to frischli from the shortest distances.

We are not afraid of any challenges


Ensuring the quality and freshness of milk products from frischli – a goal we help frischli achieve through a reliable, fail-safe IT infrastructure.

The IT infrastructure at frischli has become increasingly more complex and demanding over recent years. Added were higher demands on employees’ expertise as well as the constantly increasing investments for adapting the IT systems to the company’s requirements.

The key challenge for frischli is the high availability of IT. Since cow milk production cannot be simply switched off, the dairy’s highly complex IT constellation must properly operate at all times. Fail-safeness of the SAP systems is indispensable, for a system failure would disrupt the cooling and processing of the milk products, rendering large quantities of milk unusable and resulting in substantial financial losses.

To date the SAP system constellation at frischli has been operated at the Scheer data center in Freiburg. For reliably meeting the challenges with an eye to the future, frischli decided on migrating the SAP systems to Microsoft Azure.

Altogether this migration faced the following challenges:

  • Increasingly complex and demanding IT infrastructure
  • Increasing investment pressure
  • Potential risk to sensitive company data
  • Higher demands on employees’ expertise

Why Scheer as a partner?

As a SAP on Azure leader and as an experienced SAP partner, Scheer forms the perfect link between frischli, Microsoft and SAP. Due to the constant availability of experts, it is not necessary for customers to build up their own know-how on Microsoft Azure and SAP operation.
Support from Scheer Cloud Managed Services experts eliminates complexity and allows frischli to focus on its core business – the manufacture of tasty milk products.

As a company, you don’t have to be as fast as Usain Bolt in the 100 meters race. What’s crucial is that you start running at all. You need a coach and a sparring partner – Scheer has joined us in taking this step, and continues to support and challenge us. As we continue to benefit from this partnership, we also want to further improve our strategies and processes.

Michael Schützler, Head of IT, Organization and Communication,

frischli Milchwerke GmbH


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How frischli benefits from the Scheer solution

Being well prepared is half the job!

The migration of frischli’s entire system constellation was preceded by first upgrading EHP8 and the OS. Next, all Windows and DB servers were fully transferred from the Scheer data center to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

From now on, the most important aspects for frischli, namely security of sensitive company data and fail-safeness of the SAP systems, are guaranteed through the high availability of Microsoft Azure.

Altogether, frischli enjoys the following benefits:

  1. Risk minimization through the guaranteed high availability of fail-safe SAP systems
  2. Security of sensitive company data
  3. Increased innovation and productivity through global access
  4. Savings through dynamic adaptation of utilized IT resources
  5. Sustainable reduction of IT costs through the pay-as-you-go approach of Microsoft Azure
  6. High availability and scalability
  7. Flexible adaptability to changes in the business model

Your easy move to Azure – with Scheer!

A large number of our customers from the widest variety of sectors have worked with SAP ERP in the past – hosted either at their own data center or at Scheer’s. New solutions for old problems can now be offered on Azure, new services are becoming available and innovation takes place in software. For more information read our Microsoft Customer Success Story.