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The tailor made procurement solution!

Increasing globalization and internationalization of companies is exposing purchasing departments to ever increasing pressure on costs and competitiveness. Now that the potential for savings in the area of c-goods has almost been exhausted, the focus is being placed increasingly on the optimization of the entire supply chain including strategic purchasing and supplier management (supplier relationship management, supplier lifecycle management).

Scheer GmbH offers an integrated, practice-oriented and quick to implement solution supported by the Scheer BPaaS platform.

Procurement processes tailored individually to each consumer make it possible to keep handling costs for each order as low as possible. Existing systems are integrated seamlessly into the BPaaS Procurement solution.

Due to the high adaptability of Scheer BPaaS Procurement the consumer becomes the customer of the purchasing organisation which plans and implements procurement processes individually.


Procure to Pay

  • Speeding up of processes and streamlining of procurement lead times through decentralized procurement
  • Standardization for self-service, plan-driven and service procurement

Supplier Management

  • Strategic design, steering and development of supplier portfolios
  • Reduction in procurement risks

Contract Management

  • Transparency over contracts
  • Bundling of volumes and maximization of synergies
  • Collaborative creation of legal contract values


  • Systematic purchase reporting
  • Adherance to compliance regulations
  • Transparency
  • Maverick Buy

Catalog Management

  • Flexible, simple catalogue management
  • Quick and efficient product research

Strategic Sourcing

  • Compliance with purchasing guidelines and legal requirements as well as documentation obligations
  • Transparency in sourcing

The central pillar of the solution is the Scheer BPaaS platform with which you can individually design and adapt your processes. Using the modelling tools in the platform you can quickly and easily design purchasing processes as well as document the fundamental sequences in your processes.

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