A central platform for the connection of all systems

As a universal integration platform for meeting all challenges E2E Bridge has the right tools on board. E2E Bridge is made complete by 70 pre-configured and quick to deploy adapters.

Integration platform for EAI, ESB and SOA

Where business critical processes are concerned, no compromises on transparency and control are possible. Therefore, in the area of enterprise application integration (EAI) and the for the building of company-wide service oriented architectures (SOA), E2E offers a unique approach characterized by not only extremely short implementation times but also extraordinary depth in the areas of quality management, monitoring and trouble-shooting.
Through its model based approach, in which specification models are employed, which then apply at the same time as the basis for communication between business and IT, we make a collaborative approach possible in order to avoid misunderstandings between specialist departments, developers and business operations. Classic disruptions in media no longer exist.

Benefits for your business

Time-to-Market for new ideas

With business, development and operations together around the same table the successful implementation of new business ideas is fast, transparent and sustainable.

Re-use and flexibility

Your existing middleware investments have perhaps already aged. We can enhance these easily, so offering more flexibility and security for your investment.

Total Cost of Ownership

Our methods lead to measurably lower operating and maintenance costs. This money saved is available for use in other initiatives.

Integration platform for SaaS, Mobile and Industry 4.0

With E2E Bridge we offer you the possibility, based on Node.js (server side JavaScript), to profit from the fastest growing community in the developer scene in order to tackle all your integration tasks between companies. This way you can design your new e-shop sales processes more flexibly, dock and un-dock your business partners and change your SaaS provider without risk, because in the meantime another service provider better meets your requirements. Not only are your customers now reachable on their mobiles but also your own employees. Your smart factory can also be integrated with the same methods.

Benefits for your business

New business areas

Through the large number of developers available for this style of integration, every available possibility of capturing new areas of business is open to you.

Web developers as integrators

Experts are not needed for the development of interfaces. With relatively modest levels of knowledge any web developer can contribute to the implementation of new solutions.

Ad-hoc integration with quality

Thanks to our control possibilities, and despite greater freedom, you don’t need to abandon the assurance of quality.


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